The Brainies

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The Brainies
The Brainies
North American cover art for Super NES version
Developer(s)Titus France[1]
Publisher(s)Titus France[1]
Designer(s)Didier Capdevielle
Pascal Gallon
Programmer(s)François Mathieu
Artist(s)Stéphan Renaudin
Composer(s)Frédéric Motte
Philippe Girard
Platform(s)Super NES[1]
Amstrad CPC
Atari ST
Apple IIgs
ReleaseSuper NES:

The Brainies is a puzzle game released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System console and Atari ST, Amiga, Apple IIgs, Macintosh, and Amstrad CPC computers. Even though its European title is Tiny Skweeks, the connection to the popular Skweek series was made late.[2]


Using the 3D mode in the Super NES version of the game; taking advantage of the Mode 7.

The gameplay revolves around Mexican jumping beans (referred to in game as Brainies) as they navigate 101 levels to solve the puzzles that are in their way.[2]

A time limit is in effect; running out of time means losing a life.[2] Players can only control the direction in which a Brainy will walk; taking care not to bump into another Brainy or an obstacle.[2] There are four difficulty levels and the object is to return the Mexican jumping beans safely home. Items can be picked up; they may be beneficial or detrimental to the Brainy depending on certain factors.[2] Arrows can also force a Brainy to change directions; rendering him helpless for a while and possibly messing up a carefully solved puzzle.[2]


GamePro gave the Super NES version a generally positive review, criticizing that "the icons are too small", but praising the brain-stretching and addictive gameplay.[3]

The Super NES version of the video game was reviewed in one of the first 50 issues of Nintendo Power.[citation needed]


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