The Branches

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Branches EP
The Branches EP (Art).jpg
EP by The Dear Hunter
Released 2010
Recorded 2009-2010
Genre Experimental rock
Length 11:43
Label Self-released
Producer Casey Crescenzo
The Dear Hunter chronology
Act III: Life and Death
Branches EP
The Color Spectrum

The Branches EP is the fourth and digital-only EP released by The Dear Hunter. It was an exclusive release for the limited edition "Lifetime Fan Club Package" granted to 250 persons.[1] An official or physical release is unknown at this time, but was considered by the band's front man Casey Crescenzo. The track "Owls" was later reworked for their 2013 b-sides album, The Migrations Annex.

Unlike previous releases, The Branches EP holds no ties to the main storyline found throughout the band's Acts series. All three songs are original with both "B.Linus" and "Isabella" holding reference to the television series Lost.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "B.Linus" - 4:04
  2. "Isabella" - 4:15
  3. "Owls" - 3:22