The Bremen v. Zapata Off-Shore Co.

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The Bremen v. Zapata Off-Shore Company
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Argued March 21, 1972
Decided June 12, 1972
Full case name The Bremen, et al. v. Zapata Off-Shore Company
Citations 407 U.S. 1 (more)
Court membership
Case opinions
Majority Burger, joined by Brennan, Stewart, White, Marshall, Blackmun, Powell, Rehnquist
Concurrence White
Dissent Douglas

The Bremen v. Zapata Off-Shore Company, 407 U.S. 1 (1972), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court considered when a U.S. court should uphold the validity of a contractual forum selection clause.

The parties had entered into an agreement for a drilling rig to be towed from Louisiana to Italy, which included a clause stating that disputes would be settled by a court in England. When a storm forced the towing party to make land in Tampa, Florida, the other party sued there. After the lower courts refused to uphold the forum selection clause, the Supreme Court held that it was enforceable unless the party seeking to avoid it could meet the high burden of showing it to be unreasonable or unjust.

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