The Brentmore

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The Brentmore
2013 The Brentmore.jpg
The Brentmore in 2013
General information
Address88 Central Park West
Coordinates40°46′27″N 73°58′40″W / 40.7742°N 73.97782°W / 40.7742; -73.97782Coordinates: 40°46′27″N 73°58′40″W / 40.7742°N 73.97782°W / 40.7742; -73.97782
Height146 ft

The Brentmore at 88 Central Park West, on the Upper West Side of New York City, is an apartment building that faces the west side of Central Park. It is on the southwest corner of 69th Street.[1]

The Brentmore is in the Upper West Side-Central Park West Historic District which has been established by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission;[2] and it is a contributing property to the federally designated Central Park West Historic District.


The beige brick Brentmore was built in 1910.[1]

Notable residents[edit]

Notable residents of the Brentmore have included:

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