The Bride from Hell

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The Bride from Hell
Directed byChow Yuk Kong
Distributed byShaw Brothers
Release date
CountryHong Kong

The Bride from Hell is a 1972 Hong Kong horror film produced by the Shaw Brothers studio.[1]


Yunpeng (Yang Fan) and his servant stay at a country inn one dark evening to escape potential robbers and ghosts. But Yunpeng chances into something far more dangerous when he accidentally happens upon the comely Anu (Xing Hui) naked in bed. To atone for his rudeness, he has to marry her. Because of her beauty, the request is not too difficult to fulfill...until she is introduced to his aunts and uncles, who notice her ghastly green glow and deduce that she's a spirit from the netherworld. But there's something even darker about her appearance, and it may be revenge on his in-laws.