The Bride of Habaek

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The Bride of Habaek
Bride of habaek main poster.jpg
Promotional Poster
Also known asBride of the Water God
Hangul하백의 신부
Based onBride of the Water God
by Yoon Mi-kyung
Developed byStudio Dragon
Written byJung Yoon-jung
Directed byKim Byung-soo
Creative director(s)
  • Kwon Young-il
  • Lee Seung-kyoo
  • Choi Kwang-shik
  • Lee So-jin
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes16
Executive producer(s)
  • Kim Mi-na
  • Lee Chan-ho
  • Kim Ye-ji
  • Seo Jae-hyun
  • Jun Byung-moon
  • Uhm Jae-wan
  • Hong Hyo-Sun
  • Choi Yun-joo
Camera setupSingle-camera
Production company(s)Number Three Pictures
Original networktvN
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseJuly 3 (2017-07-03) –
August 22, 2017 (2017-08-22)
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The Bride of Habaek[1] (Korean하백의 신부 2017; RRHabaekui Shinbu 2017; lit. Bride of Habaek 2017) is a South Korean television drama spin-off of the 2006 sunjung manhwa Bride of the Water God by Yoon Mi-kyung. The drama stars Shin Se-kyung in titular role alongside Nam Joo-hyuk, Lim Ju-hwan, Krystal Jung and Gong Myung. It aired on cable channel tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 22:55 (KST) from July 3, 2017 to August 22, 2017.[2][3]


When the narcissistic water god Ha-baek (Nam Joo-hyuk) visits earth in order to find three stones powerful enough to help him claim his throne, he seeks out the help of his servant and destined bride, psychiatrist So-ah (Shin Se-kyung), whose family is fated to serve the water god for generations. The problem is that she has no belief in the gods and initially mistakes him for suffering from delusions. Things get even stranger when the wind god Bi-ryeom (Gong Myung), the water goddess Mu-ra (Krystal), and the semi-god Hu-ye (Lim Ju-hwan) show up to complicate things.[4][5]



A neuropsychiatrist with her own practice, but is saddled with mountains of debt, and is soon-to-be the Bride of the Water God.
The God of Water who will become the King of the Water Country and Emperor of the Realm of Gods. He loses his powers temporarily when he came to modern-day Seoul and only gains his power when saving So-ah.
A semi-god disguised as the CEO of a resort, and Ha-baek's main rival. He gets on the wrong foot with So-ah initially, but later falls in love with her. Later on it was revealed that he used to be a god of fire.
A water goddess who has lived among human beings for hundreds of years. Because of her beauty, she becomes an actress. She has a one-sided love for Ha-baek, and dislikes So-ah.
A wind god who is part of So-ah’s past. He dislikes the semi-god and likes to cause a lot of trouble around him.


God world[edit]

Human world[edit]


  • Son Hyo-eun
  • Kwon Hyeok-soo
  • Jung In-tae
  • Jung Na-jin
  • Lee Joon-hee
  • Lee Kwang-se
  • Kim Soo-bin
  • Lim I-eun
  • Shim Tae-seon
  • Ji Sung-geun
  • Kim Mi-hye
  • Kang Moon-kyung
  • Park Yong-jin
  • Kim Bo-min as Min-i
  • Kim Ki-moo [ko] as manager Bang
  • Im Ji-Hyun as Nak Bin, Ha-baek first love
  • Park Mi-na
  • Kang Jung-ho
  • Kim Sung-mo
  • Jung Ae-hee
  • Ham Kun-soo
  • Han Tae-il [ko]
  • Seo Jung-chun
  • Nam Eun-ji
  • Kim Eun-kyung
  • Choi Ji-won
  • Kim Kwang-hyun
  • Jung Chan-in
  • Baek Seung-joon
  • Seol Ka-eun
  • Jung Seo-woo
  • Jung Na-yong
  • Song Ji-woo
  • Kim Ae-rin
  • Lee Jae-baek
  • Son Kyu-won
  • Han Sung-yong [ko] as Hye-ra's manager

Special appearances[edit]


First announced in 2015, the live action version of the manhwa is written by Jung Yoon-jung, writer of the dramas Arang and the Magistrate (2012), Monstar (2013) and Misaeng (2014). The series will relocate the characters and story to modern day Seoul.[9] The first script reading took place on March 16, 2017 in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea,[10] with principal photography beginning the same month.[2]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Part 1[edit]

1."The Reason Why" (이렇게 좋은 이유)
  • Nam Hye-seung
  • Park Jin-ho
POLYYang Da-il04:09
2."The Reason Why" (Inst.) POLY 04:09
Total length:08:18

Part 2[edit]

1."Glass Bridge"
  • Nam Hye-seung
  • MIYO
  • Nam Hye-seung
  • MIYO
Savina & Drones04:27
2."Glass Bridge" (Inst.) 
  • Nam Hye-seung
  • MIYO
Total length:08:54

Part 3[edit]

1."The Day I Dream"Kassy03:17
2."The Day I Dream" (Inst.) 03:17
Total length:06:34

Part 4[edit]

1."Pop Pop"Kim E-Z (Ggotjam Project)03:31
2."Pop Pop" (Inst.) 03:31
Total length:07:02

Part 5[edit]

1."생각이 납니다(Reminds Me Of)"Junggigo (정기고)04:07
2."생각이 납니다(Reminds Me Of)" (Inst.) 04:07
Total length:08:14

Part 6[edit]

1."니가 없는 날(Without You)"Lucia (심규선)04:00
2."니가 없는 날(Without You)" (Inst.) 04:00
Total length:08:00


In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[11] TNmS[12]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
1 July 3, 2017 3.660% 4.052% 3.2%
2 July 4, 2017 3.259% 3.875% 3.1%
3 July 10, 2017 2.923% 3.173% 3.2%
4 July 11, 2017 3.467% 3.617% 3.3%
5 July 17, 2017 3.106% 3.902% 3.1%
6 July 18, 2017 3.637% 4.047% 3.5%
7 July 24, 2017 2.860% 3.574% 2.8%
8 July 25, 2017 3.474% 3.848% 3.1%
9 July 31, 2017 3.091% 3.146% 2.8%
10 August 1, 2017 3.235% 3.584% 3.1%
11 August 7, 2017 2.682% 2.761% 2.6%
12 August 8, 2017 3.501% 3.722% 2.8%
13 August 14, 2017 2.635% 2.816% 2.8%
14 August 15, 2017 2.896% 3.170% 2.8%
15 August 21, 2017 2.211% 2.446% 2.3%
16 August 22, 2017 3.158% 3.888% 3.1%
Average 3.112% 3.476% 3.0%
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).

International broadcast[edit]

  • In Hong Kong,[13] Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore[14] and Malaysia,[15] episodes of the drama air on Viu 24 hours after its original South Korean broadcast on tvN Asia with subtitles.[16]
  • In Malaysia, the drama was available to stream on Viu[15] and iFlix with English, Malay, Chinese, and Vietnamese subtitles after 24 hours of the original South Korean broadcast.
  • In Sri Lanka, iFlix acquired broadcast rights to the drama and, during its original run, streamed episodes of it 24 hours after its original South Korean broadcast with English subtitles.[17] The drama is currently available to stream on demand.
  • In Vietnam, episodes of the drama are available on ZingTV with Vietnamese subtitles under the name Cô Dâu Thủy Thần.[18]
  • In Philippines, the series premiered on April 11, 2018 as part of GMA Network's The Heart of Asia under the title Bride of the Water God. The series re-aired on GMA News TV on October 15, 2018.
  • In Indonesia, Sony One aired this drama in 2018.

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