The Bridesmaid

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The Bridesmaid
First edition cover (UK)
Author Ruth Rendell
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Crime/Mystery novel
Publisher Hutchinson (UK)
Mysterious Press (US)
Doubleday (Canada)
Publication date
6 April 1989
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 304 pp
ISBN 0-09-173854-7
OCLC 59049472

The Bridesmaid is a novel by British writer Ruth Rendell, first published in 1989.[1] It is generally considered a fan-favourite, and was adapted into an acclaimed 2004 film by Claude Chabrol (who had previous adapted Rendell's earlier novel A Judgement in Stone, with great success).[2]

Plot summary[edit]

The novel's protagonist is Philip Wardman, a relatively normal young man (unusually so for traditional Rendell protagonists), whose only particularly strong feeling is that he hates violence. Philip lives at home with his mother and sister, and his feminine ideal is exemplified by a beautiful statue of Flora, a nymph, in their garden. One day Philip's sister marries, and Philip meets eccentric Senta Pelham, one of her bridesmaids who looks alarmingly like the statue of Flora. The two begin a passionate affair, but Philip's world comes crashing down around him when Senta sets a test: she begs Philip that, to prove their love, they must each kill someone.


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