The British Screen Advisory Council

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British Screen Advisory Council
Abbreviation BSAC
Formation 1985
Purpose Promotion of the UK audiovisual industries and government links
Region served
Jon Gisby
Website BSAC

The British Screen Advisory Council was established in 1985 to succeed the Interim Action Committee on the Film Industry. It represents the audiovisual industries of the United Kingdom, and provides thought leadership to the government, the industries and policy makers.[1] The council holds private meetings in which industry trends are debated.[1]


BSAC was the successor to the Interim Action Committee on the Film Industry, administered under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Initially it did 'enjoy limited facilities through the DTI, including secretarial assistance.[2] This support was withdrawn in July 1986 as 'a consequence of the Government's wish to leave the BSAC to handle its own affairs'.[3]

In 2014, following the death of Richard Attenborough, founder Member and long standing Board Member Michael Deeley was appointed to the post of Honorary President.[4]

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