The Broken Giant

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The Broken Giant
Directed by Estep Nagy
Written by Estep Nagy
Starring John Glover
Brooke Smith
Will Arnett
Chris Noth
Missy Yager
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
Country United States
Language English

The Broken Giant is a 1998 American drama film written and directed by Estep Nagy, and stars John Glover, Brooke Smith and Will Arnett. It is meditative in style, with long silences and highly composed photography, released in 1998 and was acquired by the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 2000. The soundtrack was released as Songs Put Together For (The Broken Giant) by Will Oldham in 1996.


A young minister in a small town who gives sanctuary at his church to a girl who mysteriously arrives, out of breath and apparently running from something or somebody.

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