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The Brollys was an animated television show aired on BBC2 between 1990 and 1992 and produced by Trevor Bond Asssociattess Ltd for Weatherhouse Films. It was about a boy called Harry, who had a weather house on the wall of his bedroom. Every night, Harry would be magically transported into the house, which, once he was inside, was set in its own magical landscape.

Living in the house were the eponymous Brollys - a married couple responsible for the weather. Mr Brolly controlled the rain, while Mrs Brolly controlled the sun.

Other characters included the Little Cloud, a cheerful thunder-cloud. He spoke nonsense phrases which the Brollys couldn't understand, but other characters could, semi-regulars Wilkins, a pot-plant who seemed to belong to Mrs. Brolly, and the over-zealous talking Computer. Another important character was the evil Jack Frost, who froze everything he touched, and in one episode, almost destroyed the Weather House. He made appearances in several other episodes, but was always defeated.

The animation was similar to that used in The Snowman.

The BBC also released four tie in books. These were 'Jack Frost', 'Old Puff and Blow', 'The Great Storm' and 'Summer Magic'. These books are not readily available, with the rarest being 'Summer Magic'.


  • Ink and Paint: Victoria Bond, Noah Rose, Jacqui Millar
  • Checker: Annie Cook
  • Animation: Thomas Barker
  • Assisted by: Pauline Trapmore
  • Camera: Jay Holloway, Douglas Weymouth
  • Music: John Kelham
  • Storyteller: David Shaw Parker
  • Stories by: Shirley Isherwood
  • Editors: Douglas Weymouth, John Daniels
  • Thanks to: John Osborn
  • Live-Action Films Courtesy of: Oxford Scientific Films
  • Associate Producer: Theresa Plummer Andrews
  • Created and Designed by: Stuart Kettle
  • Produced and Directed by: Trevor Bond
  • ©A Weatherhouse Production MCMXC