The Brown Spectator

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The Brown Spectator
TypeMonthly Journal
Owner(s)The Foundation for Intellectual Diversity
Editor-in-chiefOlivia Conetta, Oliver Hudson
Political alignmentConservative
HeadquartersProvidence, Rhode Island

The Brown Spectator is a student-run journal of conservative and libertarian political writing at Brown University. It was originally the product of a student independent project. It was first published in 1984 "as a two-page offering of student writing on brightly colored paper".[2]

It was revived in 1986 as a Brown University, student-run opinion journal that published articles of both national and campus concern that other publications ignored. It was produced by Jennifer Polli ('87) and Karen Engel ('87), and described itself as "alternative journal" of conservative thought.[2]

After disappearing for some time, The Brown Spectator was re-revived by Stephen Beale[3] during the 2002-2003 school year and survives in its current form as Brown University's only journal of conservative and libertarian thought.[3] The Brown Spectator currently runs with a wide array of political and non-political topics ranging from campus issues to national issues, as well as music reviews and political cartoons. Current co-editors-in-chief are Olivia Conetta and Oliver Hudson.


In 2012 The Brown Spectator uncovered important documents about Brown University's misdeeds in a 2006 false rape accusation.[4] Ryan Fleming received praise for his investigative reporting, although feminist groups decried his decision to publish the name of an alleged rape victim.[5]

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