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The Brussels Times
CategoriesDaily online news website and print magazine
FormatDaily online newspaper platform and print magazine
PublisherBXL Connect
FounderJonadav/Omry Apelblat

The Brussels Times is an English-language Belgian news website and magazine, headquartered at Avenue Louise in Brussels. [1][2]

The Brussels Times is aimed at EU officials, researchers, development professionals and diplomats based in Belgium. Established in 1969[citation needed], The Brussels Times is today Belgium’s largest[citation needed] English-language news website. It provides expats, foreigners and Belgians with Belgian news, EU affairs and opinion pieces. It has no political affiliation and aims to present the news fairly and offer a wide range of analysis and opinion pieces, both local and global. It also publishes a bi-monthly print magazine, which is distributed free in the European Commission, European Parliament, over 150 embassies and many representations to the EU, as well as inside more than 10,000 hotel rooms in Belgium, many of which are in Brussels. It is also sold at most bookstores and newsagents around the city.

The Brussels Times covers the whole of Belgium but focuses on Brussels and the city's art, culture, business and EU affairs. Each cover of the magazine issue features an illustration by famous Belgian cartoonist Lectrr, who lives in Ghent; his cartoons also feature throughout the magazine.

The Brussels Times magazine has four regular sections: Glocal Affairs, Poliaesthetica (reviews of art shows in Brussels and beyond), Philosophy/Culture/History and Lifestyle.

In the Lifestyle section, Hughes Belin provides the first ever gastronomic guide to Brussels’ European Quarter.

Derek Blyth provides the Hidden Secrets column, he picks out his ten favourite hidden secrets in each issue of the magazine. Blyth is the author of the bestseller “The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels”.

Changes were made to The Brussels Times logo and website in May 2019.

In November 2019, a new weekly analysis was launched, sent to subscribers every Friday afternoon. Brussels Behind The Scenes brings the untold stories about the characters driving the policies which affect our lives. Analysis not found anywhere else, The Brussels Times' Samuel Stolton helps make sense of what is happening in Brussels.

Chief Editors[edit]

The founding editors are Omry Apelblat and Jonadav Apelblat.


  • Philippe Van Parijs
  • Derek Blyth
  • Philippe Legrain
  • José Manuel Barroso
  • Denis Maksimov
  • Jules Johnston
  • Marianna Hunt
  • Martin Banks
  • Pauline Bock
  • Alicja Gescinska
  • Samuel Stolton
  • Mose Apelblat
  • Leo Cendrowicz
  • Bore Kedober
  • Liz Newmark
  • Hughes Belin
  • Susi Dennison
  • Robert Steenland
  • Olga Kikou
  • Abraham Liu
  • Tom Vanderstappen
  • Igor Pliner
  • Arthur Rubenstien
  • Ken Hu
  • Christian Ernhede
  • Alexandre D'hoore
  • Hugh James Dow
  • Dafydd ab lago
  • Chen Gong
  • Bajabulile Tshabalala
  • Anna Christina Schmidl
  • Patricia Jaworek
  • Alessandro Regio
  • Audren Layeux
  • Giorgio Trichilo
  • Mahrukh Mirza
  • Christophe Nourissier
  • Steven Lind
  • Mohamed Mezghani
  • Ali Bagheri
  • Jonathan Roberts
  • Bore Kedeober
  • David Abuchar Luna
  • Sam Jenkinson
  • Renzo De Lion
  • Guy Castadot


  • Omry Apelblat - Co-Editor in Chief
  • Jonadav Apelblat - Co-Editor in Chief
  • David Young - Client Accounts Manager
  • Jules Johnston - Senior News Editor
  • Denis Maksimov - Art Director
  • Lectrr - Illustration
  • Marija Hajster -Graphic Designer
  • Gabriela Galindo - Reporter
  • Madeleine Fletcher - Reporter
  • Alan Hope - Reporter
  • Sarah Johansson - Reporter
  • Oscar Schneider - Reporter
  • Maïthé Chini - Reporter
  • Evie McCullough - Reporter
  • Sheila Uría Veliz - Reporter


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