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The Bryan Ferry Orchestra is a retro-jazz ensemble founded and led by Bryan Ferry. They exclusively play his work in a 1920s jazz style. Ferry formed the orchestra out of a desire to focus on the melodies of his songs, and "see how they would stand up without singing".[1] Their album, The Jazz Age, was released on 26 November 2012 as a 10 in vinyl folio edition and on 12 in vinyl, CD and digital download, on BMG Rights Management[2] Ferry neither plays nor sings with the orchestra; BBC reviewer Chris Roberts called it a "peculiar concept then, with Ferry now, almost Warhol-like, sagely mute to one side while collaborators silkscreen his own icons. As fascinating as it is perplexing, anything but obvious, and therefore to be applauded."[3]



  • Colin Good - Piano & Arrangements
  • Enrico Tomasso - Cornet & Trumpet
  • Malcolm Earle-Smith - Trombone
  • Richard White - Alto & Bass Saxophones, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
  • Robert Fowler - Tenor Saxophone & Clarinet
  • Alan Barnes - Baritone Saxophone & Clarinet
  • Martin Wheatley - Banjo & Guitar
  • John Sutton - Drums



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