The Buchan School

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The Buchan School
Yn Scoill Buchan
TypeIndependent school
MottoFortior Qui Melior
PrincipalMr J.H. Buchanan
HeadmistressMrs. Billingsley-Evans
Deputy HeadNone
Teaching staff26
Number of students171

The Buchan School (Manx: Yn Scoill Buchan) is an independent primary school in the south of the Isle of Man, catering for children aged 3–11. It is the junior school of King William's College.


The Buchan School was established by Lady Laura Buchan in the 1878 as a "school for females" and was originally known as The High School for Girls. The original campus was located on Douglas Road, on the promenade in Castletown, however the school soon out-grew its original site and moved to a new site named "Westhill" about a mile away. In 1991 The Buchan amalgamated with King William's College and changed to a co-educational prep school for King William's College. As of 2005 the school had approximately 250 pupils. The Buchan is the only independent primary school on the Isle of Man.


The Buchan comprises four houses. Every pupil in the school is a member of one of the houses and represents them in awards and sporting events. The school used to have a boarding house however this closed in 1999. The houses are named after famous Norse rulers of the Isle of Man.[1]

  • Magnus - Represented by the colour green
  • Olaf - represented by the colour red
  • Lagman - represented by the colour blue
  • Godred - represented by the colour yellow

The Buchan Badge[edit]

The School has its own award system - the Buchan Badge. This is awarded to pupils in Prep. (years 3-6) The award is based on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Each pupil must take part in, and complete each of the sections of the award; Physical Activity, Country Craft or Field Craft and a Service.


The motto of The Buchan is Fortiter Que Melior, which means "The Braver The Better".

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