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The Buckethead Show (commonly referred to as "The BS") was a talk radio program that aired in Orlando, Florida on WTKS 104.1FM as well as the WTKS website, on XM Satellite Radio Channel 152 and via the Iheartradio app for mobile devices. The show was broadcast weekdays from 11am-3pm (EST). The host of the program was Jason "Buckethead" Bailey. "Oddo" made up the 2nd half of the 2-man show as Buckethead's co-host. A variety of serious and frivolous topics were discussed, though many of the show's topics were specific to the Orlando area. On June 26, 2013, Clear Channel canceled The BS.[citation needed]

Regular Cast[edit]

Buckethead - (Jason Bailey) The host and namesake of the program. Hailing from Severna Park, Maryland, Buckethead began the talk show on WJRR 101.1. The show then moved to 98 Rock in Tampa, FL and later took The BS to Orlando Florida, WTKS-FM 104.1FM. Since this time, Buckethead and the crew have presented local and national news, putting their spin on it; a spin which they refer to as "Intellectually Immature Nonsense." Buckethead excels at a variety of different skills including battling serpents, singing on-stage with Bret Michaels of the rock group Poison, and bouncing ideas off of his listeners' (or die-hards) heads.

Bailey takes serious interest in the 1980s, born in the mid 1970s he was raised in the 80's, and takes a true shine to the music, movies, toys, and clothing style of the decade.

Bailey is also known for his efforts in the community, bringing LOFJO (Lights Out For Jobs Orlando) to the peoples' attention, and The BS Saves Christmas in December 2009, when he called upon the die-hards to help string up lights and decorate the downtown Orlando/Lake Eola area after the city made budget cuts that threatened the holiday spirit.

Oddo - Oddo is from Brooklyn, NY. He later moved to Daytona Beach, FL and attended Full Sail University. He worked for The Philips Phile on WTKS 104.1 for 15 years. After being released, he signed back on with WTKS to co-host The BS in June 2009. Oddo is a singer in a band, hosts the Odds On You Poker Tournament, and has an affinity for skulls. He is also involved with a woman 14 years his junior.

Past Cast[edit]

Bull - (Bryan Sklover) Bull is from Little Ferry, New Jersey, and later attended University High School in Orlando but never finished. It was announced on December 6, 2012 that, due to budget restrictions, Bull had been let go and the show would continue with Buckethead and Oddo working as a 2-man group.


The BS refers to their interns as Intards.
Current Intards

  • Pee Wee
  • Blando Calrissian (Named after the crew's affinity for Star Wars)
  • Rocky Dennis
  • Donkey Lips (Formerly Bastion Booger)
  • Sleeper Cell

Past Intards

  • Timvestite- host of "The Train Wreck" radio program.
  • Punky
  • Alf
  • Face
  • H.J.
  • Jabba/Spanky- producer of "The Train Wreck" radio program.
  • Ponch
  • PP(Pre-Produced) Balldozer
  • Sweatpants Johnson
  • Monchichi
  • Montanna
  • Topher
  • Nate

Program Content[edit]

The Buckethead Show has a very regular rotation of games and guests on the program based upon the day of the week. The only game played every day for a prize is News Under the Influence (N.U.I.), in which news audio is slowed down as if to make the reporter sound "all about being drunk." The caller is then given 3 headlines (1 correct, 1 close, and 1 wacky) to choose which one matches the story.[citation needed]

Nothing Personal

Callers try to figure out if the personal ad is a man seeking a man, a man seeking a woman, a woman seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. Oddo and Bull are picked to help the contestants.

Survey Says

Each week, Oddo surveys 100 random people and asks them to name the first thing that comes to mind when given a strange category, such as "Name a vegetable you cannot eat in 1 bite." Two callers go up against each other, each choosing to team up with Bucket, Prince, Bull, or an Intard, attempting to guess the responses.


One of the crew (chosen by the caller) sings a line or two out of a popular song, but it's a commonly misheard-lyricized version or made up by members of the show. Then the caller must sing back the actual version correctly and name either the song or artist.

Recurring Guests[edit]

  • Matt Englett "Matty Matt" - Matt Englett of Kaufman Englett and Lynd (KEL) Attorneys provides legal advice for Buckethead and callers about foreclosures, divorces, and other situations. The crew likes to tease Matt's humbleness and surfer style.
  • Mike Holfeld - Mike Holfeld of WKMG Local 6 News teases the night's news stories and ongoing developments in the local Orlando area when he appears on the BS.
  • Russ Leatherman "Movieman" "Moviephone" - The Movieman comes on once a week to give reviews of the weekend's coming shows.

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