The Bund II

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The Bund II
The Bund II.jpg
Genre Period drama
Written by Koo Siu-fung
Leung Kin-cheung
Sam Kwok-wing
Leung Wing-mui
Chan Lai-wah
Directed by Chiu Chun-keung
Tam Jui-ming
Lee Yiu-ming
Ng Yat-fan
Starring Ray Lui
Gigi Wong
Patrick Tse
Liu Kai-chi
Opening theme Man Ban Ching (萬般情) performed by Frances Yip
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Chiu Chun-keung
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Original network TVB
Original release 1980
Preceded by The Bund
Followed by The Bund III
The Bund II
Traditional Chinese 上海灘續集
Simplified Chinese 上海滩续集
Literal meaning Sequel to The Bund

The Bund II is a Hong Kong period drama television series broadcast on TVB in 1980. It is a direct sequel to The Bund, also produced and released by TVB earlier in the same year. A sequel, The Bund III, was released by TVB later that year.


The story continues from after Hui Man-keung's death in The Bund. Hui's best friend, Ting Lik, now controls the Shanghai triad world and he seeks to avenge Hui. Ting sends Chan Cheung-kwai to hunt down those responsible for murdering Hui, which leads to a series of killings.

At the same time, Ting is depressed after receiving news that his lover, Ching-ching, has become a nun. He decides to find another girlfriend, whom he has no romantic feelings for, just to cheer his mother up. By coincidence, Ting meets Chu Yin-yin and he falls in love with her. Just as their relationship is developing well, a gentlemanly and wealthy businessman named Tik Wan-chi appears and Yin-yin becomes attracted to Tik. The three of them are drawn into a complex love triangle.

Actually, Tik's immense wealth comes from secret financial support by the Japanese. Tik invites Ting to become his business partner and Ting reaps great rewards from their partnership. However, Tik's goal is to pave a path for the Japanese to take control of Shanghai.

Ting eventually learns of Tik's background after cooperating with him for some time. He is also shocked to discover that Tik is actually the mastermind behind Hui's assassination. Ting enters a dilemma on whether to kill Tik. He intends to kill Tik to avenge his friend and prevent the Japanese from taking over Shanghai. However, he is also hesitant when he sees that Yin-yin truly loves Tik and when he feels that he does not want to lose Tik as a business partner. Eventually, Ting decides to turn against Tik to uphold justice and his decision will stir up big trouble in Shanghai.


  • Ray Lui as Ting Lik (丁力)
  • Chow Yun-fat as Hui Man-keung (許文強) (cameo appearance in episode 4)
  • Gigi Wong as Chu Yin-yin (朱燕燕)
  • Patrick Tse as Tik Wan-chi (狄雲志)
  • Liu Kai-chi as Chan Cheung-kwai (陳祥貴)
  • Mary Hon as Poon Ling (潘玲)
  • Chan Lap-ban as Ting Lik's mother
  • Dominic Lam as Kwok Chun-cheung (郭鎮昌)
  • Chong Man-ching as Wong Yuet-kei (汪月琪)
  • Cheung Kwok-keung as Man Kwok-keung (聞國強)
  • King Doi-yum as Kwok Chau-ha (郭秋霞)
  • Lo Chun-shun as Cheung (阿張)
  • Fung Kwok as Fai (阿輝)
  • Lung Tin-sang as Bo (阿保)
  • Cheung Sang as Kiu Ying (喬英)
  • Yu Ming as Pang Choi (彭才) / Uncle Cheuk (卓伯)
  • Tsui Kwong-lam as Fok Kei (霍基)
  • Cho Chai as Siu Hung (蕭熊)
  • Ma Hing-sang as Boss Ma (馬老闆)
  • Leung Oi as Sister Ping (萍姐) / Aunt Ping (平嫂)
  • Mui Lan as Sam (阿三)
  • Chow Kit as Chairman Ng (伍社長) / Manager Lee (李經理)
  • Kwan Kin as Kwok Tso-yin (郭祖賢)
  • Wong Man-yee as Miss Shanghai
  • Lee Ching-wai as Sister Kam (琴姐)

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