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Estus Washington Pirkle (March 12, 1930 – March 3, 2005) was a Baptist minister from New Albany, Mississippi.

Film work[edit]

In addition to his preaching, Pirkle was known for creating and starring in his own Christian films as well as writing numerous books.[1] His films were directed by Ron Ormond (known for his previous works on exploitation films like 1953's Mesa of Lost Women)[2] and produced by the Ormond Organization of Nashville, Tennessee.

The Burning Hell[edit]

The Burning Hell is a 1974 film created by Pirkle (directed by Ormond) as his interpretation of what the Bible has to say about hell.[3][4] The 1977 companion movie The Believer's Heaven gives Pirkle's interpretation of what the Bible has to say about heaven.[5]


Pirkle's preaching was sampled by Negativland for the song "Christianity Is Stupid".[6]

Filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn restored both The Burning Hell and The Believer's Heaven each for film festival showings and free streaming.[7]


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