The Burning Soil

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The Burning Soil
Directed by F. W. Murnau
Produced by Sascha Goron
Erich Pommer
Written by Willy Haas
Thea von Harbou
Arthur Rosen
Starring Eugen Klöpfer
Vladimir Gajdarov
Werner Krauss
Eduard von Winterstein
Georg John
Cinematography Fritz Arno Wagner
Karl Freund
Release dates
  • 3 March 1922 (1922-03-03)
Running time
110 min. restored version
Country Weimar Republic
Language Silent film
German intertitles

The Burning Soil (German: Der brennende Acker) is a 1922 German silent film directed by F.W. Murnau. It was made the same year as Murnau's Nosferatu and released in Germany around the same time. The film follows tells the story of a struggle over a plot of petroleum-rich land.

The film was considered lost until 1978, when it was discovered to have been owned by an Italian priest who organized screenings in mental hospitals.[1] A restoration of the film was made with the assistance of French director Eric Rohmer.



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