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'The Bush and Troy Show (Heart Breakfast with Bush, Troy and Paulina)' was the breakfast show for Heart West Country (formerly GWR) in Bristol, England, running weekdays from 6:00am–9:00am. It is now "Heart breakfast with Ed, Troy and Paulina". in 2012 Ed Palmer joined the team after Andy Bush left to work for Absolute Radio in London.


Ed Palmer - Presenter
Paris Troy - Presenter
"Pitstop" Paulina Gillespie - Presenter
George Painter - Newsreader
Sam York - Traffic reporter
Joe O'Brien - Producer

Former Presenters[edit]

Andy Bush - Presenter

Show features[edit]

Thumb wars[edit]

The listeners text a specific phrase into the show, the first person to text the exact phrase wins. several teenage girls currently top the all time leader board.

Previous show features[edit]

The Celebrity Fish Tank[edit]

This usually airs in the first half of the show and is then repeated at the end. Each edition is a short story with impersonations of current tabloid favourites. Some of the regular victims are footballers David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, pop group Take That and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Moral Monday[edit]

Bush and Troy give advice on a moral dilemma sent in by a listener.

TV Island[edit]

Every Tuesday, Bush and Troy discuss TV news, along with their favourite and most hated programmes.

The Bush and Troy Pundown[edit]

Every Wednesday, Bush and Troy call a local business, selected randomly from a phonebook, and try to fit puns relating to the job into the conversation. The listener who guesses closest to the correct amount of puns used, before the worker hangs up, wins £20.

The Really Rubbish Competition[edit]

The competition gave listeners the chance to win a rubbish prize, such as an old calendar. Musical guests would also play for a copy of their own CD, signed by Bush and Troy.

The contestant was given a number of words relating to a particular subject, and would have to state, using words representing 'True' or 'False', whether they were real or made up.


  • Anthony the Tramp
  • Spidey Man - A Bristolian Spider-Man.
  • Jack Nicholson - a parody of the Hollywood actor living in Bristol.


Feed The Wurzels[edit]

In 2004, The Bush and Troy Show recorded a parody of the Band Aid track Do They Know it's Christmas? to coincide with Band Aid 20. Feed The Wurzels featured vocals from weather presenter Richard Angwin, Scrumpy and Western band The Wurzels, pornographic actress Cathy Barry, actor Tony Robinson and folk singer Fred Wedlock, along with the show's team. The song was available in CD format from the GWR FM studio or as a download on the station's website, with all proceeds going to charity.

Peter Crouch in Lederhosen[edit]

Bush and Troy released this song in Summer 2006, to coincide with England being in the FIFA World Cup in Germany. It featured impersonations of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, as well as vocals from The Wurzels and music from members of Colston's Swing Band.

Fairytale of Bristol[edit]

In December 2007, The Bush and Troy Show unveiled their second Christmas song, a parody of Fairytale of New York. Contributors included local footballers Steve Phillips and Louis Carey, from rival teams Bristol Rovers F.C. and Bristol City F.C..

Last Christmas[edit]

In December 2008, Bush and Troy teamed up with The Wurzels, Louis Carey and Steve Phillips once more to record a parody of Wham's Last Christmas.


Paulina's video[edit]

On Monday 25 June 2007, Andy Bush and Paris Troy announced they had a secret video of Paulina pole dancing. After a lengthy argument they decided to put it on the GWR FM website, as soon as this happened Paulina walked out on the show, leaving Bush and Troy to finish the show themselves. The video subsequently received 11000 hits.

The following day, Bush and Troy were banned from being on air, and Paulina came in for an interview to tell Bristol how much she was upset. Numerous people rang in and text in with suggestions for Paulina to take her revenge on the lads.

On Wednesday 27 June 2007, Paulina got her revenge by making Bush and Troy pole dance dressed in women’s clothing and she then uploaded it to onto the GWR FM website.

Santa's arrest[edit]

In December 2007, one of the GWR Bush and Troy Team, Ryan Williams 20, along with Jonny Dawson 23, was dressed as Santa Claus, spraying fake snow onto bus stops and electricity boxes around the centre of Bristol. Police issued Williams with an on-the-spot fine of £80, which the station subsequently paid.


  • Nomination for the Best Breakfast Show category of the 2007 Sony Radio Academy Awards.
  • Best Breakfast Show category of the 2008 Sony Radio Academy Awards.

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