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The C.A.S. School is a well-known private school in Karachi, Pakistan. It is located in DHA, Phase 8 and has two campuses, the Main Campus (3rd grade- 11th grade) and The Kindergarten Section (Playgroup- 2nd grade).

More Information

The C.A.S. School was founded by Sami Mustafa in 1981. Within its first few years it had established itself as a leading private school in Karachi. In January 2005 the Junior and Senior Sections shifted from rented (residential) premises to the present custom-built Main Campus. A diversified Programme of Studies could now be offered on a more expanded and elaborate scale for students to experience a wider intellectual canvas and learning opportunities. The Kindergarten Section moved into its purpose-built campus, located behind the Main Campus, in January 2009.

Today, the C.A.S. offers a 14-year programme from Playgroup to O-Level, with a total of 1,250 students, 205 teaching members and 80 support staff in the two campuses.

Educational Objectives

The C.A.S. School looks at the objectives of schooling beyond classroom instructions and good grades. It views academic achievements and academic coursework as only one part of the learning process. By way of widening the intellectual canvas of young minds, the C.A.S. offers a wide variety of Learning Modules, European languages, seminars, study trips, music, sports, student exchange, community service and internship programmes. By experiencing this larger context of learning, students grow up with confidence, self-esteem, leadership initiatives, and with an interest in the broader aspects of social and cultural life.

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