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This article is about the comic book. For the student newspaper, see The Cadre (newspaper).

The Cadre is a comic book created by Mat Nastos and published by Nifty Comics.


In the first issue, "Birth of a Dream," six unlikely heroes have to band together as the Cadre to fight the monster known as Monolith in the mountains of Empire City. This issue was created by Mat Nastos (Elfquest, TV's Sliders, First Wave, and others), written by Jorge Vivoni and Nastos, and illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort and Nastos.

Issue two, "Unspeakable Truths," features the Cadre's resident swashbuckler, Lamprey, in a solo story. Lamprey has to face a new evil stalking the city as well as the sins of the past. "Unspeakable Truths" was written by Navik von Bathory and Mat Nastos and illustrated by Jay Jimenez and Mat Nastos.

In the third issue, the Cadre battles against hades as something evil escapes into the sewers of Empire City. A sub-plot follow the twins Skyfire and Thunderbolt as they try on new costumes. The issue was written by Mat Nastos and illustrated by Mat Nastos, Gabe Alberola, and Rob Larsen.

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