The California Raisin Show

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The California Raisin Show
StarringDorian Harewood
Jim Cummings
Cam Clarke
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Original networkCBS
Original releaseSeptember 16 –
December 9, 1989

The California Raisin Show is an animated television series based on the claymation advertising characters The California Raisins. The show is based on the claymation special, Meet the Raisins!, which originally aired on CBS in 1988. After the show's 13-episode run, a sequel to the original special, Raisins: Sold Out!: The California Raisins II, aired in 1990.

While the characters are traditionally depicted in claymation, the TV show was cel animated by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson. It did, however, maintain Will Vinton as creative director and executive producer.[1] It takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables and focuses on the main characters, the California Raisins: A.C. (vocals), Beebop (drums), Stretch (bass), and Red (guitar/piano). Each episode has one or more musical numbers.



  1. The Apple, Raisin-Style
  2. No Business Like Shoe Business
  3. School is Cool
  4. A Royal Mess
  5. Lights, Camera, Disaster
  6. The Good, the Bad & the Broccoli
  7. Abracadabra Beebop
  8. The Grape Outdoors
  9. Rocket n' Rollin' Raisins
  10. Hold That Jungle
  11. Olivera Street
  12. Picture-Perfect Shirelle
  13. You Can't Grow Home Again

DVD release[edit]

On November 15, 2011, Hen's Tooth Video released The California Raisins Collection on DVD in Region 1 for the very first time. The 2-disc set features all 13 episodes of the series as well as the two original claymation specials, Meet the Raisins! and The Raisins: Sold Out!: The California Raisins II along with 4 original TV ads.[2]


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