The Cambrian

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The Cambrian
The Cambrian Jan 28 1804.jpg
The Cambrian, and general weekly advertiser for the principality of Wales
Typeweekly newspaper
Format4, 8 pages
Owner(s)Lewis Weston Dillwyn (1804; 1817), Thomas Jenkins (January 1804; January 1822), Williams, Murray & Rees (1823; 1844), John Williams (1852; 1870), George Haynes (1804; 1826)
Founder(s)George Haynes, Lewis Weston Dillwyn Edit this on Wikidata
PublisherThomas Jenkins, E. Jenkins, Sarah Jenkins, W. C. Murray and D. Rees, David Rees Edit this on Wikidata
EditorThomas Jenkins[*], John Roby[*]
Launched28 January 1804 Edit this on Wikidata
Ceased publicationMarch 1930 Edit this on Wikidata
CitySwansea Edit this on Wikidata
OCLC number173730110

The Cambrian, a weekly newspaper started by George Haynes and L. W. Dillwyn in 1804, was the first newspaper published in Wales. Its original publisher was Thomas Jenkins. The full masthead proclaimed The Cambrian and Weekly General Advertiser for Swansea and the Principality of Wales. By 1906 it was acquired by South Wales Post Newspapers Co.[1] and, in 1930, merged with Herald of Wales.[2]


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