The Camel Boy

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The Camel Boy
Directed byYoram Gross
Produced byYoram Gross
Written byYoram Gross
John Palmer
StarringRon Haddrick
Barbara Frawley
John Meillon
Robyn Moore
Michael Pate
Music byBob Young
Edited byChristopher Plowright
Yoram Gross Studios
Release date
Australia:1984:08, 8 May 1984 (USA) (1984-05-08TAustralia:1984:08USA)
Running time
72 minutes

The Camel Boy is a 1984 Australian animated feature.[1]


Young Ali and his camel-driver grandfather Moussa take part in an expedition through the Australian Outback. Faced with prejudice, Moussa's knowledge and the hardiness of his camels in the punishing conditions quickly prove vital to both the success of the expedition and the survival of its members.


  • Barbara Frawley
  • John Meillon
  • Robyn Moore
  • Michael Pate
  • Ron Haddrick as O'Connell


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