The Camp Is Back

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The Camp Is Back
Latino Velvet - The Camp is Back.png
Mixtape by Latino Velvet
Released June 19, 2007
Genre West Coast hip hop, hip hop, gangsta rap, Chicano rap
Label 40 Ounce Records
Producer Baby Bash (exec.), Doug Mayhem, Jay Tee (exec.), Scoop DeVille, Vince V.
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The Camp Is Back is a mixtape of new material by American rap group Latino Velvet. It was released June 19, 2007 on Jay Tee's own label 40 Ounce Records.


This album is hosted by Chingo Bling and features Don Cisco, Frankie J, Clicka One and more. Formed in 1996, Latino Velvet released their self-titled debut album in 1998 followed by Velvet City in 2000. Jay Tee went on to gain regional fame as a solo artist and Baby Bash moved to Houston, Texas, signing a major deal with Universal Records and releasing a gold-selling album in 2003.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Performers
1 "The Camp is Back (Skit)" Chingo Bling
2 "Stay On the Grind" Jay Tee, Baby Bash, Gemini, Marty James
3 "The Remedy" Baby Bash, Marty James
4 "Bubble On" Baby Bash, Angel Dust, Jay Tee, Paula DeAnda
5 "Old School" Nino Brown, Baby Bash, Battle Locco, Marty James
6 "It's Whatever" Jay Tee, Don Cisco, Baby Bash, Natalie
7 "All I Need" Baby Bash, Chingo Bling
8 "All Over Me" Baby Bash, Rich Rap, Chingo Bling
9 "World of LVC (Skit)" Chingo Bling
10 "Looking At Me" Young Dru, Jay Tee, Baby Bash
11 "Stand & Deliver" Jay Tee, Clika One
12 "Que No?" Baby Bash, Chingo Bling, Jay Tee
13 "Bagina (Skit)" Chingo Bling
14 "Show It Off" Gemini, Merciless, Jay Tee
15 "My Neighborhood" Gemini, Stunta, Jay Tee, Russell Lee
16 "God Don't Like Ugly" Baby Bash, Lil Rob, Romero of Clika One
17 "Public Service Announcement (Skit)" Chingo Bling
18 "Yaper" Jay Tee, Don Cisco, Chino 4 Real
19 "Chevy Music" Baby Bash, Gemini, Jay Tee
20 "Hands Dirty" Don Cisco, Jay Tee, C-Major
21 "Speak About It" Baby Bash, Bosko
22 "Public Service Announcement (Skit)" Chingo Bling
23 "My Life" Baby Bash, Bosko
24 "You Can Be" Mr.Kee, Jay Tee, Gemini
25 "Lifted" Baby Bash, Frankie J, Malik
26 "Adios (Skit)" Chingo Bling

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