The Canadian Conspiracy

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The Canadian Conspiracy
Directed byRobert Boyd
Produced byBill House
Barbara Tranter
Written byMark Achbar
Robert Boyd
Michael Short
StarringLorne Greene
John Candy
Eugene Levy
Leslie Nielsen
William Shatner
Martin Short
Christopher Britton
Jock Brandis
Michael Short
Narrated byChristopher Britton
Edited byDave Goard

The Canadian Conspiracy is a 1985 HBO/CBC mockumentary, co-written and directed by Robert Boyd, about the way the Government of Canada is subverting the United States by taking over its entertainment industry. The film features many Canadians famous in the US who do not emphasize their Canadian origins being hounded by ANN (American News Network) reporters about the Canadian conspiracy.

Much is made of Leslie Nielsen's brother Erik, then Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, of the green card being in actuality named after Lorne Greene, and of Lorne Michaels' youth indicating his grooming as Lorne Greene's successor.


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