The Candy Tangerine Man

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The Candy Tangerine Man
Candy Tangerine Man poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Matt Cimber
Produced by Matt Cimber
Written by Mikel Angel
Starring John Daniels
Eli Haines
Tom Hankason
Music by Smoke
Cinematography Ken Gibb
Edited by Bud Warner
Moonstone Entertainment
Distributed by Monnstone Entertainment
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Candy Tangerine Man is a 1975[1] American action-adventure blaxploitation film[2] starring John Daniels, Eli Haines and Tom Hankason. Distributed by Moonstone Entertainment,[3] it follows the story of the powerful "Black Baron" (Daniels), both a pimp and a doting father. The film was directed and produced by Matt Cimber and written by Mikel Angel under the pseudonym of George Theakos.[4]


A successful Los Angeles-based businessperson, doting father of two and a loving husband, Ron Lewis (John Daniels) turns into a completely different self at night – his alter ego, the "Black Baron", a prominent, powerful and feared pimp; but after killing two racist police officers in his pursuit, the Baron realises that his pimping days are numbered.


  • John Daniels as the Black Baron/Ron Lewis
  • Eli Haines
  • Tom Hankason
  • Marva Farmer
  • Richard Kennedy as Dempsey
  • George Buck Flower as Gordon
  • Meri McDonald as Sugar
  • Marilyn Joi as Clarisse
  • Talley Cochrane as Midge
  • Patrick Wright as Big Floyd
  • Mikel Angel as Vincent de Nunzio

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