The Caper of the Golden Bulls

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The Caper of the Golden Bulls
The Caper of the Golden Bulls.jpg
Directed by Russell Rouse
Produced by Clarence Greene
Written by David Moessinger
Ed Waters
Based on The Caper of the Golden Bulls
by William P. McGivern
Starring Stephen Boyd
Yvette Mimieux
Giovanna Ralli
Music by Vic Mizzy
Cinematography Harold E. Stine
Edited by Chester W. Schaeffer
Robert Wyman
Distributed by Embassy Pictures
Release date
May 24, 1967
Running time
102 mins.
Country United States
Language English

The Caper of the Golden Bulls, also known as Carnival of Thieves, is a 1967 film directed by Russell Rouse. It stars Stephen Boyd, Yvette Mimieux, and Giovanna Ralli.[1]


During a bombing mission to Germany, wartime pilot Peter Churchman (Boyd) inadvertently destroys a French cathedral. To atone, after the war, Churchman and a crew of accomplices rob a number of banks, making sure the money goes to have the cathedral rebuilt.

Churchman moves to Spain, where he opens a successful restaurant. He and another American expatriate, Grace Harvey (Mimieux), are in a romantic relationship. Life is idyllic until one day Angela Tresler (Ralli), an acquaintance from the war, turns up threatening to expose Churchman's illegal activity unless he and his crew pull off a daring robbery for her in Pamplona.

During the fiesta, Churchman's men carry concealed explosives and tools during the famed Running of the Bulls, veering off into an alley during the event. Churchman has broken into a bank and, using the dynamite, he blows open a safe, timing the explosion with a cannon's shot that is a traditional rite during the festival.

Inside the safe are rare jewels, which he hides inside a precious religious statue. Churchman turns over the statue to Angela, who is elated until she discovers the statue to be empty. Both have been outsmarted by Grace, who replaced the statue with a replica and turned over the jewels safely to Gonzalez, the town's chief of police.


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