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The Capital Restaurant
Restaurant information
City London
Country England

The Capital Restaurant was a restaurant located in the Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, England. The restaurant was established in 1971 and earned a star from the Michelin Guide under chefs Richard Shepherd and Brian Turner.[1] Other notable chefs who have worked there include Gary Rhodes and Paul Merrett.[2]

Eric Chavot took over as executive chef in 1999;[3] the restaurant earned a two star rating from Michelin in 2001[4][5] and for most of the decade it was ranked by many among Britain's leading restaurants.[6][7][8]

Following the departure of Executive Chef Eric Chavot in 2009[9] the restaurant lost both stars.[10] By 2013 it had been replaced by a new restaurant, Outlaw's at The Capital, named for its chef, Nathan Outlaw.[11] Outlaw's at The Capital has one Michelin Star.


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Coordinates: 51°30′00″N 0°09′42″W / 51.5000°N 0.1616°W / 51.5000; -0.1616