The Capture of Captain America

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"The Capture of Captain America"
Spider-Man (1981) episode
Episode no.Episode 18
Original air dateJanuary 9, 1982

"The Capture of Captain America" is the 18th episode from the 1981 Spider-Man television series.[1] The episode premiered on January 9, 1982. George DiCenzo voiced Captain America in the episode.


The episode revolves around J. Jonah Jameson wanting to honor Captain America. Once the Red Skull, voice by Peter Cullen, is informed of the event he uses the tribute ceremony to capture Captain America in an attempt to swap minds with him. Spider-Man tries to stop Red Skull's ambush but ends up inadvertently letting Red Skull escape with Captain America still captive. Spider-Man ends up being blamed for the kidnapping by the crowd at the ceremony. In response to the increasing public hostility, Spider-Man attempts to rescue Captain America himself. After Spider-Man disguises himself as Captain America after a visit to a costume shop he ventures to Red Skull's castle in a rented plane. Spider-Man arrives as Red Skull is about to swap minds with him and saves Captain America.[2]


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