The Carbon Diaries: 2015

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The Carbon Diaries: 2015
Author Saci Lloyd
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Science fiction drama
Publication date
February 2009
Media type Print hardback, paperback)
Followed by The Carbon Diaries: 2017

The Carbon Diaries: 2015 is a 2009 young adult novel written by Saci Lloyd, popular in the United Kingdom.[1]


The book chronicles a year of the life of Laura, a sixteen-year-old student in London, as the UK imposes carbon rationing in the wake of weather-related disasters. The stresses of rationing and extreme weather tear at the social fabric of Europe and England, while Laura's family is torn apart as her father loses his job and her selfish older sister refuses to adapt. Laura just wants to live a normal life, attract the attention of the fetching and accomplished boy next door, and practice with her friends in her garage band.


Author Saci Lloyd, who teaches media studies in secondary school in East London, publishes young adult novels of dystopian near-futures.[1] Speaking of her chosen genre, Lloyd says “The best dystopia is a lens for looking at contemporary society. I like books that get children reading, and if that means vampires and werewolves then so be it, but I think reality is a more interesting topic.”[2] Reviewer Rebecca Onion describes Lloyd's genre as “soft apocalypse,” which “chronicle[s] societies changing as a result of a series of rolling crises, rather than in the blink of an eye, as from a nuclear blast....” Onion continues “Because they take this ‘soft’ approach, Lloyd’s Carbon Diaries books are wonderful at showing the effects of climate change and scarcity on everyday life; they’re also completely terrifying.”[3]


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