The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine

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The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine
The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine DVD Cover.jpg
A poster for the original May 1984 video release of the special
Written byPeter Sauder
Directed byPino Van Lamsweerde,
Paul Schibli (animation)
StarringRick Jones (as Tenderheart Bear, Birthday Bear & Good Luck Bear)
Bob Dermer (as Frostbite)
Noreen Young (as Baby Hugs)
Les Lye (as Professor Coldheart)
Abby Hagyard (as Friend Bear, Wish Bear & Love-A-Lot Bear)
Dominic Smith
Brodie Osome (as Lumpy)
Narrated byBob Dermer (as Cloud Keeper)
Theme music composerBob and Merry Chimbel (songs),
Gary Morton (score)
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)W.H. Stevens Jr.
Hugh Campbell
Paul Pressler (associate)
CinematographyRon Haines
Jan Topper
Editor(s)John Harris
Jennifer Irwin
Norman LeBlanc
Gerald Tripp
Running time30 min.
Production company(s)Atkinson Film-Arts
DistributorUnited States:
Family Home Entertainment (VHS, 1984)
MGM (DVD, 2007, AD only)
Original networkSyndication
Original releaseApril 1984[1]
Preceded byThe Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings (1983)

The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine is the second television special to feature the Care Bears characters.[2] Made by Ottawa's Atkinson Film-Arts studios, it premiered in syndication in April 1984.


Paul, a young boy, wants to get even with his bullies as Professor Coldheart tricks him into fixing his Careless Ray Contraption after Frostbite ruined it by accident. The Care Bears must do all that they can to stop Coldheart's plan of freezing everyone's feelings. Hugs and Tugs, two baby Care Bears are kidnapped by Professor Coldheart. The Care Bears have to rescue them.


The special, a follow-up to the previous installment The Land Without Feelings (from 1983), sees the return of the ten original Bears and the rarely seen Cloud Keeper, as well as the villain Professor Coldheart. In addition, the special introduces Baby Hugs, Baby Tugs, Grams Bear, and Professor Coldheart's sidekick, Frostbite.

Release and reception[edit]

The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine aired on over 100 U.S. TV stations in April 1984, and was sponsored by the Kenner company.[1] That same year, it won an award for Best Children's Program at the 13th National ACTRA Awards.[3] A tie-in book based on the special (ISBN 0-910313-15-6) was written by Arthur S. Rosenblatt, illustrated by Joe Ewers and published by Parker Brothers as a part of the Tales from the Care Bears series.

The special was released on VHS and Beta by Family Home Entertainment in May 1984.[4] This, and The Land Without Feelings, were among the ten best-selling children's videos on the U.S. market in 1985.[5] It was released for the first time on DVD, as a special feature, on MGM Home Enteratainment's 2007 re-issue of The Care Bears Movie. The print featured on the disc is the syndicated edit, not the original broadcast version.

In 1987, Don R. Le Duc referred to Freeze Machine as a "shallow merchandising marvel".[6]


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