The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings

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The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings
The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings DVD cover.jpg
Directed by Pino Van Lamsweerde
Starring Rick Jones (as Tenderheart Bear, Good Luck Bear & Birthday Bear)
Les Lye (as Professor Coldheart & Tree)
Anna MacCormack
Abby Hagyard (as Friend Bear, Wish Bear & Love-A-Lot Bear)
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) W.H. Stevens
Hugh Campbell
Cinematography Ron Haines
Jan Topper
Editor(s) Jennifer Irwin
Norman LeBlanc
Gerald Tripp
Running time 23 minutes
Production company(s) Atkinson Film-Arts[1]
Distributor United States:
LBS Communications (TV, 1983)[1]
Family Home Entertainment (video, 1983)[1]
Original network Syndication[1]
Original release United States:
April 22, 1983 (Los Angeles, California)[1]
Followed by The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine (1984)

The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings is the first television special to feature the Care Bears characters. Made by Ottawa's Atkinson Film-Arts studio, it was premiered on syndication in April 1983. The special features the ten original Bears, along with the Cloud-Keeper and a villain called Professor Coldheart; they would be seen again in 1984's The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine.


Kevin, a boy on Earth, is mad because he has to move away from his friend Donna. Declaring that he doesn't care, he decides to run away and ends up in The Land Without Feelings, which is ruled by Professor Coldheart. Coldheart turns Kevin into a green creature and makes him a slave. The Care Bears, along with Donna, go into the Land Without Feelings to save Kevin along with the other children who are turned into green creature slaves. The Care Bears use their magic to change Kevin and the other children back to normal.


  • The Care Bears Care About You
  • Professor Coldheart
  • Everyone Has Feelings


The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings won a Silver Medal at the 1983 International Film & TV Festival of New York.[2] It was followed by another syndicated special, The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine, in 1984. Author Ward Johnson loosely adapted The Land Without Feelings into a book in the Tales from the Care Bears series, entitled Caring is What Counts (ISBN 0-910313-05-9), with illustrations by Tom Cooke.

Family Home Entertainment released the special on VHS after its initial broadcast.[3] Original prints featured vintage cartoons from the 1930s after the main presentation; a later re-issue replaced those with several other Care Bear stories.[3]

In honour of the Care Bears' 25th anniversary, it received its DVD premiere in fall 2007.[4] Additionally, the version featured on this DVD is not the rare original version, but the more common one seen as part of the later syndicated run of the regular DIC and Nelvana series (which was also seen on the Disney Channel and, later, Toon Disney).

This was released on the UK Volume 1, along with The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine, and the 3 episodes The Birthday/Camp, Braces/Split Decision, and The Last Laugh by Maximum Entertainment.

In May 1985, Ralph Novak of People Weekly wrote that the special "is a charming way for children waiting for the video version of The Care Bears Movie to pass the time".[3]


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