The Carpenters: Music, Music, Music

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The Carpenters: Music, Music, Music, was a Carpenters television special from 1980. It included guest stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, John Davidson and Nelson Riddle and his orchestra. Karen, Richard, Ella, and John sang "Without a Song" in the beginning. Other songs performed were:

  • "A Song for You" (Karen and Richard)
  • "I Got Rhythm Medley" (Karen, Richard and other dancers)
  • "The Doctor and I" (John Davidson)
  • "1980 Medley" (Karen and Richard Carpenter, Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra)
  • "When I Fall in Love" (Karen Carpenter)
  • "Dizzy Fingers" (Richard Carpenter)
  • "You're Just in Love" (Karen Carpenter and John Davidson)