The Carpet People

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The Carpet People
Terry Pratchett The Carpet People 2.jpg
First 1971 edition
AuthorTerry Pratchett
Original titleThe Carpet People
Cover artistTerry Pratchett
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreComic Fantasy
PublisherColin Smythe
Publication date
1971, 1992

The Carpet People is a comic fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett. First published in 1971, it was later re-written by the author when his work became more widespread and well-known. In the Author's Note of the revised edition, published in 1992, Pratchett wrote: "This book had two authors, and they were both the same person."

The Carpet People contains much of the humour and some of the concepts which later became a major part of the Discworld series, as well as parodies of everyday objects from our world. Before creating the Discworld, Pratchett wrote about two different flat worlds, first in this novel, and then in the novel Strata.


  • Glurk, chief of the Munrungs
  • Snibril, Glurk's younger brother
  • Pismire, the wise man of the Munrung tribe
  • Bane, a Dumii general
  • Brocando, King of the Deftmenes
  • Fray, a natural phenomenon wreaking havoc on the Carpet
  • Mouls, a power-hungry species
  • Wights, who remember the future
  • Camus Cadmes


The book explores the conflict between traditions and innovation. There is an established civilization, complete with bureaucrats, taxes imposed and collected, and permits; there are people who resent the establishment; there is a need for both groups to find common ground in order to save their collective civilization.


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