The Casanovas

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This article is about Australian rock band. For Swedish dansband, see Casanovas. For Italian adventurer, see Giacomo Casanova. For other uses, see Casanova (disambiguation).
The Casanovas
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1999–present
Labels Rubber Records
Members Tommy Boyce (Guitar and Vocals)
Damo Campbell (Bass and Vocals)
Jordan 'Jaws' Stanley (Drums)
Past members Jimmy Lewis 1999-2002 (Bass and Vocals)
Patrick Boyce 1999-2003(Drums)
James "Fatty" Saunders 2000 - 2001 (Guitar and Vocals)

The Casanovas are an Australian rock band, based in Melbourne.

About the Band[edit]

The band was formed in 1999 by brothers Tommy and Patrick Boyce, along with Jimmy Lewis.Over the next few years they released several singles and EPs, including 10 Outta 10, Keep It Hot, and the popular track Shake It that received considerable Triple J airplay.

Starting in December 2002, they toured Australia, Britain and supported The Datsuns for their European tour. This was followed by five dates in the United States in March 2003. After returning home to launch their new single, Shake It, they toured with The Datsuns again for New Zealand in October 2003, follow by two more Australian tours; once with The Living End in November/December, followed by another tour in early 2004 with Starky and The Specimens. They went on to play some dates in New York City in July.

Their first album, self-titled, was released just prior to their Japan tour in September 2004. A second album, All Night Long came out in 2006, from which they have released two singles, Born to Run, and their latest, California.

Born to Run was featured on the soundtrack of video game publisher EA Sports' title, Rugby 06, as well as being the main song for Melbourne based video game developers IR Gurus' title, AFL Premiership 2006, whilst Shake It was used in three Videogames: F1 2011 (Codemasters), WRC 4 (Evolution Studios) and This is Football 2005 (London Studio) .

The Song Livin' in the City is featured on the soundtrack of the Australian film Thunderstruck, released in 2004.

Their third Album Terra Casanova was released in 2015.

Current members[edit]

  • Tommy Boyce (vocals, guitar)
  • Jaws Stanley (drums)
  • Damo Campbell (vocals, bass)



  • The Casanovas (album, 2004)
  • All Night Long (album, 2006)
  • Terra Casanova (album, 2015)

EPs and singles[edit]

  • 10 Outta 10 (single, August 2000)
  • Keep It Hot (EP, September 2002)
  • Nasty (single, March 2003)
  • Shake It (single, March 2003)
  • Let It Ride (single, August 2003)
  • No Time For Love (single, December 2003)
  • Living in the City (single, April 2004)
  • Heartbeat (single, April 2005)
  • Born to Run (single, July 2006)
  • California (single, July 2006)
  • The Most Hated Man In Melbourne (single, July 2011)

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