The Case of the Cautious Condor

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The Case of the Cautious Condor
Cover art, DOS version
Cover art, DOS version
Developer(s) Tiger Media, Inc.
Series Airwave Adventure
Platform(s) FM-Towns, CDTV, DOS
Release 1989 (FM-Towns); 1991 (CDTV); 1992 (DOS)
Genre(s) Adventure

The Case of the Cautious Condor is an adventure game in an interactive comic book style developed by Tiger Media, Inc.. It was one of the first CD-ROM-only games that was furthermore a complete new development for that media and not only a port of another version such as an already existing floppy disc game or a laserdisc arcade machine.

The game was first released for FM Towns in Japan in 1989, later also for CDTV (1991) and DOS (1992). It won several awards, such as "Best Adventure 1989" in Japan.[citation needed] The game sold below expectations of the developer also because CD-ROM drives were not yet widespread at that time.[1]

Basically it is a detective adventure game in which with your help, private eye Ned Peters has to figure out the identity of the murderer by wandering around the rooms, looking for clues and overhear conversations between the other guests aboard the Spruce Goose-like flying boat "Condor" on a cruise over the Atlantic. The game has no text because all the dialogue is being played from the CD and the interface is completely mouse-driven.

Tiger Media released later a similar game called Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows.


Computer Gaming World in 1993 stated that "Though the story was manufactured in the Orient Express Murder Mystery machine, this interactive comic book is novel enough to warrant a serious look ... A multimedia diversion for the whole family".[2]

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