The Casket

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The Casket
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) SaltWire Network
Founded 1852
Language English
Headquarters Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Circulation 4101[1]

The Casket is a weekly paper published in Antigonish, Nova Scotia by SaltWire Network.

First published on June 24, 1852 by John Boyd,[2] the name Casket originally referred to a woman's jewellery box.[3] The paper was eventually acquired by Casket Printing and Publishing Company.[4]

Brace Publishing Limited, a division of the Halifax newspaper The Chronicle Herald, acquired the newspaper in 2012 before being subsumed into the Chronicle Herald's expanded SaltWire Network in 2017.

Staff have included the noted cartoonist, Bruce MacKinnon, who worked for the paper as a youth.[5]


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