The Cat's Miaow

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The Cat's Miaow is an indie pop band formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 1992.

The Cat's Miaow


  • Kerrie (The Beat Poets, Tra La La) - vocals
  • Bart (Blairmailer, Girl of the World, Library Records) - guitar
  • Andrew (Blairmailer, The Ampersands) - bass
  • Cameron (Girl of the World) - drums


  • Little Baby Sourpuss cassette (Toytown, 1992)
  • Pet Sounds cassette (Toytown, 1992)
  • From My Window cassette (Toytown, 1993)
  • Contrast Split Singles Club split 7" (with Last Party, French Marigold and Maylove) (Contrast, 1992)
  • Stereolab/Cat's Miaow split 7" (Wurlitzer Jukebox, 1995)
  • Cat's Miaow/Stinky Fire Engine split 7" (Spit And A Half, 1996)
  • A Kiss And A Cuddle CD (Bus Stop, 1996)
  • Songs For Girls To Sing CD (Drive-In, 1997)
  • The Long Goodbye EP (Darla, 1999)
  • A Kiss And A Cuddle CD (with bonus tracks) (Library Records, 2003)

Members of The Cat's Miaow have also released more ambient recordings under the name Hydroplane.

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