The Cat (1992 film)

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The Cat
The Cat (1992 movie poster).jpg
Film poster
Traditional 衛斯理之老貓
Simplified 卫斯理之老猫
Mandarin Wèi Sī Lǐ Zhī Lǎo Māo
Cantonese Wai6 Si1 Lei2 Zi1 Lou2 Maau1
Directed by Lam Ngai Kai
Produced by Chua Lam
Michael Lai
Screenplay by Chan Hing-ka
Gordon Chan
Based on Old Cat
by Ni Kuang
Starring Waise Lee
Christine Ng
Gloria Yip
Music by Philip Chan
Cinematography Mak Hoi-man
Edited by Keung Chuen-tak
Peter Cheung
Golden Harvest
Paragon Films
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release date
22 October 1992 (1992-10-22)
Running time
84 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$2,733,592

The Cat (衛斯理之老貓 Wai Si Li zhi Lao Mao (Wisely's Old Cat) is a 1992 Hong Kong science fiction action film directed by Lam Ngai Kai. The film is an adaptation of the novel Old Cat, an installment of the Wisely Series, by Ni Kuang and tells the story about a cat from outer space who teams up with a young alien girl and her knight alongside adventure novelist Wisely to fight a murderous alien that possesses people.

Cast and roles[edit]

  • Waise Lee as Wisely
  • Christine Ng as Pak So
  • Gloria Yip as Alien Girl
  • Lau Siu-ming as Errol
  • Lawrence Lau as Lee Tung
  • Philip Kwok as Wang Chieh-Mei
  • Ni Kuang as Mr. Chen
  • Wan Seung-lam as One of Wang's men
  • Kong Long as Gun dealer/One of Wang's men
  • Chua Lam as Professor Yu
  • Chui Kin-wah as Gun dealer
  • Simon Cheung as Policeman

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