The Catcher

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The Catcher
DVD released by Commercial Factors
Directed by Guy Crawford
Yvette Hoffman
Produced by Guy Crawford
Yvette Hoffman
Written by Guy Crawford
Yvette Hoffman
Starring Joe Estevez
David Heavener
Monique Parent
Music by Paul Amorosi
Cinematography Paul DeGruccio
Edited by Steven D. White
C.C.M. Inc.
Distributed by Spectrum Films
Release date
  • 1998 (1998) (United States)
Running time
77 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Catcher is a 1998 horror film directed by Guy Crawford and Yvette Hoffman.


Sick of his baseball-obsessed father Frank's abuse, a boy beats him to death with a bat while practicing in 1981. Seventeen years later, catcher David J. Walker of The Devils is kicked out of a baseball game attended by scouts, and is blamed when The Devils lose. On the same day, David's girlfriend leaves, tired of him putting his love of baseball before her, and he is informed by Coach Foster that his contract is not being renewed.

Elsewhere, in a stadium locker room, Tyrone Jackson of The Wombats, who had just scored a major contract, is bludgeoned by someone wearing a catcher's uniform. Tyrone's assailant proceeds to delete David's file from the The Devils' computer system, which they infect with a virus. The catcher's next victim is Devils player (and assistant coach Terry's fiancé) Billy, who is taped to a table, and has a bat rammed up his rear. Out on the field, one of the commentators notices the catcher taking swings at non-existent balls, drilled by visions of Frank, who calls the catcher "Johnny". When the announcer goes to investigate, he is incapacitated, tied down to home plate, and killed when Johnny runs the bases, and kicks him in the head as he slides into home.

In her office, Terry notices that her computer has made a list (everyone killed by Johnny so far) and that it is typing out more names on its own. David drops by to deal with paperwork related to his dismissal, but since the computer system is down and the antivirus program will take a while to fix it, he and Terry go to a lunchroom being cleaned by the janitor, Carl. David's erratic behavior causes Terry to storm back to her office, where the computer still refuses to work. Carl barges in, and leads Terry and David to a large amount of blood he has found. David takes off, so Terry has Carl pursue him, but the custodian loses the ex-catcher, and returns to Terry.

At the batting cages, Coach Foster is strung up and shot to death with a pitching machine. Johnny then goes to the field, and finds Devils player Anthony making out with a woman. Johnny snaps Anthony's neck, and gives chase to the girlfriend, stuffing her into a washing machine when she is cornered in the laundry room.

As that occurs, Carl tells Terry that it is the anniversary of the day Johnny McIntosh (the boy from the intro) bludgeoned his father, and that when Johnny was arrested he swore he would one day return. Terry dismisses Carl's story, until the two find Billy's body. The duo goes to look for David, and find him in the batting cages with Coach Foster's corpse. The two are convinced that David is the killer, and try to escape through the front gate, but David catches up to them, and a fight breaks out between him and Carl. David knocks Carl out, takes his keys, and chases after Terry, with the two of them encountering Johnny, who kills Carl.

Terry and David flee, but Johnny catches them, knocks them unconscious, and places them on the field, which has been decorated with the bodies of all the male victims. A bat-wielding Johnny enters the field (which he hallucinates is full of spectators and players) and goes to home base, where David is bound and dressed like a catcher. Johnny forces Terry to be his pitcher, hits the third ball she throws, and drags her along as he runs the bases, distracting him and allowing David time to escape his binds. David and Johnny (who are dressed identically) fight, and Terry stabs one of them with a splintered bat, realizing too late it was David. As Johnny strangles Terry, she is saved by Anthony's girlfriend, and together the two bash Johnny's head in.


  • David Heavener as David J. Walker
  • Monique Parent as Terry Mitchell
  • Joe Estevez as Frank McIntosh
  • Sean J. Dillingham as Carl
  • Leslie Garret as Beth
  • Paul Moncrief as Billy Taylor
  • James Patterson as Coach Red Foster
  • Harley Harkins as Anthony
  • Jeff Sorenson as Wayne Futzner
  • Mike Kepple as Howie
  • Fred Meyers as Young Johnny McIntosh
  • Wendy Crawford as Phyllis McIntosh
  • Nick Moore as Tyrone Jackson
  • Denice Ramage as Linda
  • Stephen T. Vanderbeck as Frost
  • Jared Zobel as Paperboy


Big Daddy's Horror Review gave The Catcher one star, and described it as lazy and incompetent. [1] The film was held in similar disdain by Vegan Voorhees, which awarded it a half-star, and criticized the plot, acting, editing, and gore effects. [2] A Slash Above had a lukewarm reaction to The Catcher, writing that while the death scenes and mystery angle were fun and the direction was decent, the story, editing, lighting, score, and sound mixing left a lot to be desired. [3]


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