The Cave Canem Demos

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The Cave Canem Demos
Voltaire The Cave Canem Demos.jpg
Compilation album by Voltaire
Released June 9, 2012
Recorded 1989
Genre Dark cabaret, dark wave
Length 29:39
Label Mars Needs Music
Producer Scott Pittinsky, Voltaire
Voltaire chronology
Riding a Black Unicorn...
(2011)Riding a Black Unicorn...2011
The Cave Canem Demos

The Cave Canem Demos is a compilation album by Cuban American dark cabaret singer Voltaire. Released on June 9, 2012, it contains early demo versions of some of Voltaire's songs that would ultimately appear on his first two studio albums, The Devil's Bris and Almost Human – with the exception of "Life", a previously unreleased track which has yet to see a studio re-recording and is the only song of the album to not be written by Voltaire himself (it was written by the demo's producer, Scott Pittinsky). Those recordings trace to as far back as 1989, and Voltaire used to distribute them during his first live performances.

"Cave canem" is a phrase in Latin meaning "Beware of the dog".[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original release Length
1. "When You're Evil" The Devil's Bris (1998) 4:18
2. "Anniversary" The Devil's Bris (1998) 4:55
3. "Ex-Lover's Lover" The Devil's Bris (1998) 5:21
4. "Underground" Almost Human (2000) 4:42
5. "All the Way Down" The Devil's Bris (1998) 4:08
6. "Life" Previously unreleased 2:03
7. "Ravens Land" The Devil's Bris (1998) 4:12


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