The Celts Strike Again

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The Celts Strike Again
The Celts Strike Again.jpg
Studio album by Orthodox Celts
Released 1997
Genre Irish folk
Celtic rock
Length 55:55
Label ITMM
Producer Orthodox Celts
Predrag Guculj
Orthodox Celts chronology
Muzičke paralele
The Celts Strike Again
Green Roses

The Celts Strike Again is the second studio album by the Serbian Irish folk/Celtic rock band Orthodox Celts released in 1997. Besides covers of traditional Irish songs, the album features two songs written by the members of the band, "Drinking Song" and "Blue".

The album featured numerous guest musicians: actress Ana Sofrenović on vocals (on the song "Loch Lomond"), Vampiri member Aleksandar Eraković on backing vocals, Stočari member Branko Vitas on banjo, Pachamama (the band Orthodox Celts recorded the live album Muzičke paralele with) member Milan Mihaljčić on several instruments and Renesansa member Žorž Grujić on zurla and gajde.

In the cover of the traditional Irish song "I'll Tell Me Ma" the band replaced the line 'She's the belle of Belfast City' with 'She's the belle of Belgrade City'.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Drinking Song" – 02:50
  2. "Star of the County Down" – 02:25
  3. "The Wearing of the Green" – 02:44
  4. "Blue" – 05:02
  5. "I'll Tell Me Ma" – 2:41
  6. "Maidrin Rua" – 02:29
  7. "Foggy Dew" – 04:23
  8. "The Celts Strike Again" – 02:51
  9. "Peggy Lettermore / Jar of Porter" – 02:24
  10. "Spanish Lady (Bodhran Version)" – 03:39
  11. "Finnegan's Wake" – 03:32
  12. "Loch Lomond" – 03:30
  13. "Mick Maguire" – 02:21
  14. "Salonika" – 03:35
  15. "Spanish Lady" – 03:39
  16. "Medley" – 07:50