The Census Taker

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The Census Taker
The Census Taker theatrical poster.jpg
theatrical poster
Directed by Bruce R. Cook
Produced by Robert Bealmer
Written by Bruce R. Cook
William Kerwin
W. Gordon Smith
Starring Greg Mullavey
Meredith MacRae
Garrett Morris
Timothy Bottoms
Music by Jay Seagrave
The Residents
Cinematography Tom Jewett
Edited by Bruce R. Cook
Argentum Productions
Distributed by Seymour Borde & Associates (1984) (USA) (theatrical)
Trans World Entertainment (1989) (USA) (VHS)
Release date
July 1984
Running time
95 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Census Taker is a 1984 black comedy directed by Bruce R. Cook. It stars Greg Mullavey, Meredith MacRae, Timothy Bottoms, and Garrett Morris.[1][2] The film was The Residents' first film soundtrack commission when their participation was suggested by Penn Jillette to Cook.[3][4][5] It was released by Trans World Entertainment on VHS in 1988 under the title Husbands, Wives, Money & Murder.[6][7]


When George (Greg Mullavey) and Martha (Meredith MacRae) let Harvey (Garrett Morris), an annoying census taker, into their home, they find themselves under a barrage of increasingly abusive questions. Furious at his intrusiveness, and at their wit's end, they kill the census taker and with the help of their friends Pete (Timothy Bottoms) and Eva (Austen Tayler), must hide the body from a determined investigator.

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