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The Center for Measuring University Performance is a research center at Arizona State University. The Center is best known for an annual report it produces, The Top American Research Universities,[1] that ranks American universities on nine different measures: Total Research, Federal Research, Endowment Assets, Annual Giving, National Academy Members, Faculty Awards, Doctorates Granted, Postdoctoral Appointees, and SAT/ACT range. The center also produces other scholarly works on ranking and education quality.[2] The raw data used by the researchers at The Center is made available to the public on the web.[3] This ranking's influence within the academic community has been described as being "commonly regarded to be one of three indicators that reflect an institution's rank as a Tier One institution", the other two being the classification of a university with "very high research activity" by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and membership within the Association of American Universities.[4]

Elizabeth D. "Betty" Capaldi, executive vice president and provost of Arizona State University, co-directs The Center for Measuring University Performance with Dr. John Lombardi, president of the Louisiana State University system.


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