The Century Company

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The Century Company
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Defunct1933 Edit this on Wikidata
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationNew York, New York

The Century Company was an American publishing company, founded in 1881.


It was originally a subsidiary of Charles Scribner's Sons, named Scribners and Company, but was bought by Roswell Smith and renamed by him after the Century Association. The magazine that the company had published up to that time, Scribners Monthly, was renamed The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine.

The Century Company was also the publisher of St. Nicholas Magazine from the time of its founding.

William Morgan Schuster became president of the Century Company of New York City in 1915 and held this position until 1933.

In 1933 the Century Company merged with publisher D. Appleton & Company to form Appleton-Century Company, and later Appleton-Century-Crofts.

Schuster became the president of Appleton-Century Crofts Inc. from 1933 until his retirement in 1952.


  • Century Vagabond Books

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