The Challenge: Fresh Meat II

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The Challenge: Fresh Meat II
Fresh meat ii title.jpeg
Title Frame
Genre Reality game show
Created by Mary-Ellis Bunim
Jonathan Murray
Presented by T. J. Lavin
Starring Winners and teammates
Landon Lueck
Carley Johnson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of series 19
No. of episodes 12 (Special & Reunion Included)
Production location(s) Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original network MTV
Picture format 16:9 HD
Original release April 7 (2010-04-07) – June 9, 2010 (2010-06-09)
Preceded by The Ruins
Followed by Cutthroat

The Challenge: Fresh Meat II is the 19th season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. Fresh Meat II is the sequel to the show's 12th season, Fresh Meat. Continuing with the precursor's advent of original contestants, Fresh Meat II also introduced a slew of previously unknown contestants who had never appeared on either The Real World or Road Rules.

Filmed in Whistler, British Columbia, Fresh Meat II featured two-player teams; each team had an alumnus of The Real World, Road Rules, or the original Fresh Meat, partnered with a newcomer of the opposite gender to The Challenge (collectively known as the new "Fresh Meat"). A "Meet the Meat" special premiered on March 31, 2010.[1] The season premiered on April 7, 2010, and concluded on June 9, 2010, with the reunion show.[2] Fresh Meat II marked the second time in which the show was renamed, no longer using Real World/Road Rules as the main title, but simply The Challenge, though host T. J. Lavin used "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" on the first episode in speaking to the contestants.


Host: T. J. Lavin, BMX rider

Alumni Original season Fresh Meat Team Hometown Finish
Landon Lueck RW: Philadelphia Carley Johnson 25[3] Las Vegas, NV Winners
Kenny Santucci Fresh Meat Laurel Stucky 24[4] Detroit, MI Runners-Up
Jillian Zoboroski RR: X-Treme Peter "Pete" Connolly 21[5] Wellesley, MA Third Place
Jenn Grijalva RW: Denver Noor Jehangir 24[6] Austin, TX Fourth Place
Ryan Kehoe Fresh Meat Theresa Gonzalez 24[7] Milwaukee, WI Episode 9/10[a]
Evelyn Smith[b] Fresh Meat Luke Wolfe 22[9] Eugene, OR Episode 8/9[c]
Wes Bergmann RW: Austin Mandi Moyer 21[10] Portland, OR Episode 7
CJ Koegel RW: Cancun Sydney Walker 21[11] Washington, D.C. Episode 6
Danny Jamieson RW: Austin Sandy Kang 22[12] Tacoma, WA Episode 5
Katelynn Cusanelli RW: Brooklyn Brandon Nelson 25[13] Jacksonville, AR Episode 4[d]
Paula Meronek RW: Key West Jeff Barr 25[14] Dallas, TX Episode 3
Sarah Rice RW: Brooklyn Vinny Foti 25[15] Boston, MA Episode 2
Darrell Taylor RR: Campus Crawl Cara Maria Sorbello 23[16] Methuen, MA Episode 1

^1 Age at the time of filming.


Fresh Meat II follows the same format as the original Fresh Meat season (click here for further information), with the following difference: Teams do not participate in a follow-up challenge prior to the Exile elimination. Therefore, the teams that are selected for Exile do not have a chance to win a pardon and replace themselves with a non-winning team from the previous mission, as was the case in original Fresh Meat.[2][17]

At the end of the season, four teams will compete in the final challenge. First-place wins $200,000, second-place wins $60,000, third-place wins $40,000 and fourth-place wins nothing.[17]



Each of the 13 Fresh Meat II cast members participated in a multi-challenge obstacle course, testing their strength, stamina, and mental ability. The alumni used the stats from each player's obstacle course performance to determine their partner.[1]

The multi-challenge obstacle course included:

Fresh Meat Pull-ups Vertical leap 40-yard Dash Obstacle course
Brandon Drake Nelson 10 3'6" 5.62 sec 3 min 09 sec
Cara Maria Sorbello 6 2'6" 6.13 sec 6 min 51 sec
Carley Johnson 0 2'4" 7.15 sec DQ
Jeff Barr 19 3'9" 5.63 sec 5 min 19 sec
Laurel Stucky 2 3'1" 6.42 sec 3 min 00 sec
Luke Wolfe 15 3'8" 5.44 sec 2 min 47 sec
Mandi Moyer 0 1'6" 7.38 sec DQ
Noor Jehangir 21 3'7" 4.84 sec 2 min 30 sec
Pete Connolly 7 3'6" 5.50 sec 3 min 50 sec
Sandy Kang 0 2'7" 6.83 sec 4 min 27 sec
Sydney Walker 0 2'6" 6.57 sec 5 min 40 sec
Theresa Gonzalez 0 2'2" 6.56 sec 6 min 45 sec
Vinny Foti 11 4'0" 5.53 sec DQ

Draft selections[edit]

Pick # Alumni Draft Pick Gender Team
1 Darrell Taylor Cara Maria Sorbello Female      Darrell & Cara Maria
2 Jenn Grijalva Noor Jehangir Male      Jenn & Noor
3 Kenny Santucci Laurel Stucky Female      Kenny & Laurel
4 Danny Jamieson Sandy Kang Female      Danny & Sandy
5 Wes Bergmann Mandi Moyer Female      Wes & Mandi
6 Ryan Kehoe Theresa Gonzalez Female      Ryan & Theresa
7 CJ Koegel Sydney Walker Female      CJ & Sydney
8 Landon Lueck Carley Johnson Female      Landon & Carley
9 Paula Meronek Jeff Barr Male      Paula & Jeff
10 Sarah Rice Vinny Foti Male      Sarah & Vinny
11 Jillian Zoboroski Pete Connolly Male      Jillian & Pete
12 Katelynn Cusanelli Brandon Drake Nelson Male      Katelynn & Brandon
13 Evelyn Smith[b] Luke Wolfe Male      Evelyn & Luke


Challenge games[edit]

  • Dirty Mouth: Players have to transfer oversize balls out of a mud pit while blindfolded. The challenge is played in multiple rounds, alternating between male and female. There are fewer balls than players, and the blindfolded players are guided by their partners on the sidelines as to where a ball is located, as well as if they can steal a ball from an opposing player. If a player fails to get out of the pit with a ball before the end of a round, that player, along with their partner, is eliminated from the remainder of the challenge. The last player remaining who transfers a ball out of the mud pit wins the challenge for their team.[17]
    • Winners: Kenny & Laurel
  • I'll Be There For You: Teams have to pick up a weighted chest that is chained to a platform submerged 15 feet below water. Once a player swims down to pick up the chest, the chest cannot touch the platform, and their teammate can swim down to relieve their partner if he/she needs to take a breath above the water. If the chest drops down to the platform, or if the heads of both team members go above the water, the team's time is stopped. The two teams that hold the chest above the platform for the longest time without both players going above the water will battle it out in a final round, and the team that wins the final round wins the challenge.[19]
    • Winners: Landon & Carley
  • Water Logged: Teams have to advance from one end of a platform to another that is suspended high above water. Each player has to swing on a series of logs that is hanging from the base of the platform. Each log is of a different length. A team is disqualified if one or both players falls into the water. The team that advances to the end of the platform in the fastest time wins.[20]
    • Winners: Kenny & Laurel
  • King Of The Wall: Teams have to swim 30 yards from a floating dock to a slippery climbing wall that is positioned at a 45° angle. The team that climbs to the top of the wall and rings a bell in the fastest time wins.[21]
    • Winners: Kenny & Laurel
  • Drop Out: Teams have to climb up a swivel rope ladder that leads to a platform that is suspended 30 feet above water. After reaching the platform, players have to run, jump and hang onto a large canvas bag that is hanging from above. Both players from each team must hang onto the bag simultaneously for five seconds, which will stop the team time. If one or both players falls into the water, they must start over, but the team time will continue. A team is disqualified if they do not complete the challenge within a 15-minute time limit. The team with the fastest time wins.[22]
    • Winners: Kenny & Laurel
  • Turn Style: Two giant logs are perpendicularly placed in the center of a "turnstyle," in the shape of a "X," and teams have to push the logs 180° from start to finish. However, other teams will try to do the same — with the other log in the opposite direction, making it difficult for any team to push the logs. The challenge is played in multiple rounds — tournament-style, with two teams per log on opposite sides. The team that wins the final round wins the challenge.[23]
    • Winners: Jillian & Pete
  • Airheads: Teams have to slide down a 200-foot ramp that will launch each player into a lake, and each team has to swim to the middle of the lake, where there is a floating log holding up a sign containing a diagram of a puzzle. Each team has to memorize the diagram, then swim back to shore to solve a giant puzzle (resembling a Tetris board) that will duplicate the diagram of the sign in the middle of the lake. Each team can swim to and from the diagram and the shore as many times as they need to solve the puzzle, but the team that solves the puzzle in the fastest time wins.[24]
    • Winners: Landon & Carley
  • Wrecking Ball: Teams have to build an Inukshuk puzzle within a large circular area. The female team member is hanging by a rope, upside down from a platform, in the center that will interfere with the building of the puzzle. The male team member will have to swing their female partner around and away from the center in order to collect the large puzzle pieces, and keep the female partner from knocking over the pieces. The puzzle pieces have to stand for at least five seconds before the team time is stopped. The team that builds the Inukshuk puzzle in the fastest time wins.[25]
    • Winners: Jenn & Noor
  • Obstacle: Teams have to race through an "obstacle course" that is spread out over half a mile within a field. The course contains ten various "obstacles," in which teams have to race through, over and around them as fast as possible. The tenth and final obstacle is "Defender," in which opposing players have to prevent players of the same gender from advancing from one end of a mud pit to another, where the finish line is located. The team that advances through the entire course in the fastest time wins and automatically advances to the final challenge, while the two teams (out of five) that finish in the bottom two automatically go to Exile.[8]
    • Winners: Kenny & Laurel


Note: Each Exile elimination alternated between "Lost & Found" and "Weight For Me" in the first seven episodes (though "Weight For Me" was not played in Episode 4[d]), while "Weight For Me: Blackout" was played in both Episodes 8 and 9.
  • Lost & Found: Teams are given a map and must carry two weighted backpacks while running through a course in the woods. Along the way they must complete several puzzles. The first team to reach the finish line wins.[17][20][22][24]
    • Played by: Darrell & Cara Maria vs. Jillian & Pete, Evelyn & Luke vs. Paula & Jeff, Danny & Sandy vs. Jillian & Pete, Evelyn & Luke vs. Wes & Mandi
  • Weight For Me: Teams must race up a mountain and complete various brain teaser puzzles. Along the way, they must carry weight of 100 pounds on their shoulders, distributed whichever way they want.[19][23]
    • Played by: Kenny & Laurel vs. Sarah & Vinny, CJ & Sydney vs. Landon & Carley
  • Weight For Me: Blackout: The exile is played the same as Weight For Me, but played at nighttime. Instead of 100 pounds, the teams must carry around 150 pounds of weight distributed in whichever way they want.[25][8][26]
    • Played by: Evelyn & Luke vs. Landon & Carley, Jenn & Noor vs. Ryan & Theresa

Final challenge[edit]

First, each team must paddle a canoe across a giant lake to a puzzle. Once they finish that, they can head to a helicopter. Reaching the helicopter first is very important because it determines the penalty that teams will have to take before they can continue on to the second part of the challenge. The team that wins the first phase gets a two-minute headstart, the second-place finisher gets a one-minute headstart while the third-place finisher gets a 30-second headstart. The second phase of the challenge starts with a giant Sudoku puzzle, followed by a mountain bike ride except that the two bikes are tied together with a rope so the teams will have to stay together. After a puzzle that involves carrying color-coded logs to match a diagram, the teams must climb a very steep mountain, carrying a heavy bag. Once completed with a numbered puzzle, they're given helmets and an ice axe and have to climb the top of the mountain. The first team to climb up the mountain and reaches the flag, wins Fresh Meat II.[26]

  • The Challenge: Fresh Meat II Winners: Landon & Carley (won $200,000)
    • Second-place: Kenny & Laurel (won $60,000)
    • Third-place: Jillian & Pete (won $40,000)
    • Fourth-place: Jenn & Noor

Game summary[edit]

Elimination chart[edit]

Episode Winners Exile contestants Exile game Exile outcome
# Challenge Last Place Winner's pick Voted in Winners Losers
1 Dirty Mouth Kenny & Laurel N/A Darrell & Cara Maria Jillian & Pete Lost & Found Jillian & Pete Darrell & Cara Maria
2 I'll Be There For You Landon & Carley Kenny & Laurel Sarah & Vinny Weight For Me Kenny & Laurel Sarah & Vinny
3 Water Logged Kenny & Laurel Evelyn & Luke Paula & Jeff Lost & Found Evelyn & Luke Paula & Jeff
4 King Of The Wall Kenny & Laurel CJ & Sydney Katelynn & Brandon N/A[d]
5 Drop Out Kenny & Laurel Danny & Sandy Jillian & Pete Lost & Found Jillian & Pete Danny & Sandy
6 Turn Style Jillian & Pete Landon & Carley CJ & Sydney Weight For Me Landon & Carley CJ & Sydney
7 Airheads Landon & Carley Wes & Mandi Evelyn & Luke Lost & Found Evelyn & Luke Wes & Mandi
8/9 Wrecking Ball Jenn & Noor Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley Weight For Me: Black Out[c] Landon & Carley Evelyn & Luke
9/10 Obstacle Kenny & Laurel Jenn & Noor N/A Weight For Me: Black Out Jenn & Noor Ryan & Theresa
Ryan & Theresa
10 Final Challenge Landon & Carley 2nd place: Kenny & Laurel; 3rd place: Jillian & Pete; 4th place: Jenn & Noor

Fresh Meat progress[edit]

Teams Challenges
1 2 3 4[d] 5 6 7 8/9[c] 9/10[a] Finale
Katelynn & Brandon SAFE SAFE SAFE DQ
Paula & Jeff SAFE SAFE OUT
Sarah & Vinny SAFE OUT
Darrell & Cara Maria OUT
     The team won the competition.
     The team did not win the final challenge, but won money.
     The team did not win the final challenge and didn't win any money.
     The team won the challenge, and was safe from Exile.
     The team won the Exile.
     The team was selected for Exile, but did not have to compete.
     The team did not win the challenge, but was safe from Exile.
     The team lost the Exile and was eliminated.
     The team was disqualified prior to the Exile and was eliminated.

Voting Progress[edit]

Voted into
the Exile
Darrell & Cara Maria
1 of 1 votes
Kenny & Laurel
1 of 1 votes
Evelyn & Luke
1 of 1 votes
CJ & Sydney
1 of 1 votes
Danny & Sandy
1 of 1 votes
Landon & Carley
1 of 1 votes
Wes & Mandi
1 of 1 votes
Evelyn & Luke
1 of 1 votes
Jillian & Pete
20 of 20 votes
Sarah & Vinny
11 of 20 votes
Paula & Jeff
6 of 10 votes
Katelynn & Brandon
14 of 14 votes
Jillian & Pete
8 of 8 votes
CJ & Sydney
10 of 10 votes
Evelyn & Luke
6 of 8 votes
Landon & Carley
6 of 6 votes
Voter Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Landon Jillian & Pete Kenny & Laurel Paula & Jeff Katelynn & Brandon Jillian & Pete Ineligible Wes & Mandi Jillian & Pete
Carley Jillian & Pete Paula & Jeff Katelynn & Brandon Jillian & Pete Jillian & Pete
Kenny Darrell & Cara Maria Ineligible Evelyn & Luke CJ & Sydney Danny & Sandy CJ & Sydney Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley
Laurel CJ & Sydney Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley
Jillian Unknown Wes & Mandi Unknown Katelynn & Brandon Unknown Landon & Carley Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley
Pete Unknown Sarah & Vinny Unknown Katelynn & Brandon Unknown Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley
Jenn Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi Wes & Mandi Katelynn & Brandon Unknown CJ & Sydney Unknown Evelyn & Luke
Noor Jillian & Pete Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi Katelynn & Brandon Unknown CJ & Sydney Unknown
Ryan Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi Unknown Katelynn & Brandon Unknown CJ & Sydney Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley
Theresa Jillian & Pete Katelynn & Brandon Unknown Katelynn & Brandon Unknown CJ & Sydney Evelyn & Luke Landon & Carley
Evelyn Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Ineligible Katelynn & Brandon Jillian & Pete CJ & Sydney Jillian & Pete Ineligible
Luke Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Katelynn & Brandon Jillian & Pete CJ & Sydney Jillian & Pete
Wes Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Paula & Jeff Katelynn & Brandon Jillian & Pete CJ & Sydney Ineligible
Mandi Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Paula & Jeff Katelynn & Brandon Jillian & Pete CJ & Sydney
CJ Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Paula & Jeff Ineligible Jillian & Pete Unknown
Sydney Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Paula & Jeff Jillian & Pete Unknown
Danny Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Unknown Katelynn & Brandon Ineligible
Sandy Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Unknown Katelynn & Brandon
Katelynn Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Unknown Unknown
Brandon Jillian & Pete Sarah & Vinny Unknown Unknown
Paula Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi Landon & Carley
Jeff Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi Landon & Carley
Sarah Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi
Vinny Jillian & Pete Wes & Mandi
Darrell Ineligible
Cara Maria


Turn Style (Ep. 6)
Team Kenny & Laurel Team Ryan & Theresa Team Jenn & Noor Team Wes & Mandi
Kenny & Laurel Ryan & Theresa Jenn & Noor Wes & Mandi
Jillian & Pete Landon & Carley Evelyn & Luke CJ & Sydney


No. in
No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1242"Nice to Meat You"April 7, 2010 (2010-04-07)1.39[27]
2243"Meating of the Minds"April 14, 2010 (2010-04-14)1.24[28]
3244"Sloppy Ho's"April 21, 2010 (2010-04-21)1.56[29]
4245"Meats 'N Potatoes"April 28, 2010 (2010-04-28)1.13[30]
5246"Road Kill"May 5, 2010 (2010-05-05)1.15[31]
6247"Checkmeat!"May 12, 2010 (2010-05-12)1.06
7248"Trimming The Fat"May 19, 2010 (2010-05-19)1.20[32]
8249"Spoiled Rotten Meat"May 26, 2010 (2010-05-26)0.93[33]
9250"All U Can Eat Stakes"June 2, 2010 (2010-06-02)1.11
10251"Well Done, Meat"June 9, 2010 (2010-06-09)1.16[34]

Reunion special[edit]

The Challenge: Fresh Meat II Reunion was aired after the season finale and was hosted by Maria Menounos on June 9, 2010. The cast members who attended the reunion were Kenny, Wes, Mandi, Carley, Landon, Jenn, Pete, Theresa, Ryan, Ev, Laurel, Noor, Danny and Jillian. A preview for The Real World: New Orleans is shown, thus ending another challenge reunion.[35]

After filming[edit]

Subsequent Challenges[edit]

Fresh Meat II Subsequent Challenge seasons Challenge Spin-offs Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Brandon Nelson Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Free Agents None $0
Cara Maria Sorbello Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Seasons (2012), Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Bloodlines, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning, Season 33 TBD Champs vs. Pros Battle of the Bloodlines, Vendettas
Champs vs. Pros
$50,000 for charity
Carley Johnson Fresh Meat II $100,000
Jeff Barr None $0
Laurel Stucky Cutthroat, Rivals, Free Agents, Invasion of the Champions Free Agents $201,000
Luke Wolfe Cutthroat None $20,000
Mandi Moyer Cutthroat, Rivals, Battle of the Exes None $0
Noor Jehengir None $0
Pete Connolly None $20,000
Sandy Kang None $0
Sydney Walker None $0
Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat, Rivals, Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II None $35,500
Vinny Foti Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes None $0
Challenge in bold indicates that the contestant was a finalist on The Challenge.
Note: Laurel made an appearance on Vendettas for an elimination.


  1. ^ a b Jenn & Noor and Ryan & Theresa were automatically sent to Exile, after they placed in the bottom two in the "Obstacle" challenge. Prior to the challenge, host T. J. Lavin informed each team that the top three finishers were safe from Exile and automatically in the final challenge, instead of the deliberations of the previous missions.[8]
  2. ^ a b At the end of the draft selections, Fresh Meat II contestant Luke Wolfe was temporarily left without a partner from the alumni, because original contestant Jonna Mannion (from RW: Cancun) was unable to make it into the country due to a lost passport prior to the departure.[18] Evelyn Smith was brought in as a last-minute replacement, automatically making her Luke's Fresh Meat partner.[17]
  3. ^ a b c Evelyn & Luke beat out Landon & Carley in the Episode 8 Exile. However, they skipped the last puzzle, which would have enabled Landon & Carley to win the Exile if they reached the finish line within a five-minute time limit.[25] Landon & Carley beat the five-minute time limit, thus winning the Exile and eliminating Evelyn & Luke.[8]
  4. ^ a b c d No Exile was held in Episode 4. CJ & Sydney were selected for Exile, but did not have to compete, because the team that was chosen to face them — Katelynn & Brandon — was disqualified after Brandon consumed alcohol prior to the Exile. It had been implied, though, that Katelynn would have been physically incapable of competing after she suffered a severe knee injury during the "King Of The Wall" challenge.[21]


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