The Challengers (film)

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The Challengers
VHS cover
Directed by Eric Till
Produced by Ralph Endersby
Written by Clive Endersby
Starring Gema Zamprogna
Gwynyth Walsh
Eric Christmas
Music by Eric N. Robertson
Distributed by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
VHS video release: Triboro
Release date
14 October 1990
Running time
97 min.
Country Canada
Language English

The Challengers is a 1990 family television film that was produced by Lauron Productions for CBC Television.[1] It stars Gema Zamprogna (best known for her role on Road to Avonlea), Gwynyth Walsh and Eric Christmas. The film features the Jon and Vangelis song "I'll Find My Way Home".

The film was first broadcast in Canada on 14 October 1990 through CBC Television.[2] BBC One aired the film in the United Kingdom on 3 August 1993.[3] The film also had frequent showings on The Disney Channel.[4] Triboro Entertainment provided the video release on VHS.[5]

It was shot in Winnipeg and Stonewall, Manitoba.


After her father dies, Mackie and her mom move to a new town. As she makes new friends, she discovers a band she wants to join. The only problem is, the band consists of only boys and no girls are allowed. She comes up with the idea to dress like a boy to join the band and be part of "The Challengers". Balancing out between dressing up as a guy in the band and a being normal girl with her best friend Jenny is harder than she thought.

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