The Chameleon (short story)

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"The Chameleon"
Chameleon 01 (Kardovsky).jpg
1910 illustration by Dmitry Kardovsky
AuthorAnton Chekhov
Original title"Хамелеон"
Published inOskolki
Publication date8 September 1884

"The Chameleon" (Russian: Хамелеон, romanizedChamelyeon) is a short story by Anton Chekhov published originally in the No. 36, 8 September 1884 issue of Oskolki magazine, subtitled "A Little Scene" (Сценка), signed A. Chekhonte (А. Чехонте). It was included (without the subtitle) into Chekhov's 1886 collection Motley Stories (Пёстрые рассказы) published in Saint Petersburg and reproduced unchanged in this book's 2–14 editions, in 1891–1899. It was included by Chekhov into Volume 2 of his Collected Works.[1]


Khryukin, a drunkard, has had his finger snapped by a small dog (according to one witness, after thrusting a cigarette stub into the latter). The policeman Ochyumelov's attitude to the affair and the dog's future destiny fluctuates depending upon the coming information as to who the owner of the culprit might be.


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