The Champ (Jimmy Smith album)

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The Champ
The Champ (Jimmy Smith album).jpeg
Studio album by Jimmy Smith
Released 1956
Genre Soul jazz, hard bop
Label Blue Note

The Champ is an album by Jimmy Smith. It was recorded in New York City in 1956 and is an early example of hard bop jazz. Smith performs alone on this album.

The Champ was re-released to CD by EMI Music Group in 2005.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Champ" (Dizzy Gillespie)
  2. "Bayou" (Smith)
  3. "Bubbis" (Smith)
  4. "Deep Purple" (DeRose, Parish)
  5. "Moonlight in Vermont" (Blackburn, Suessdorf)
  6. "Ready 'N Able" (Smith)
  7. "Turquoise" (Smith)